Writing Assignment Four

Using WA2 and WA3, create an argumentative research essay. Remember this is an argumentative essay and needs a thesis statement that attempts to convince the reader of something. You will incorporate WA 2 (the proposal) as your first page. WA 3 (the annotated bibliography) will be supporting research for your argument.

Outline your essay using the Toulmin method based on the research you have already completed.
Include supporting research from WA 3 (where appropriate) to further support your analysis.
Remember each supporting paragraph needs to flow and be part of one cohesive paper.

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Writing Assignment Four
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Sample Outline:

Proposal – first/second paragraph. Make sure you have an argumentative thesis statement.
Restructured pieces of WA 2 with transition sentences. –  Body Paragraphs. Supportive research to back up your thesis statement. Intercut with specific examples of the film.


MLA – Essay should be in Times New Roman/12pt font/double spaced. – 10%
Organization/Flow – Essay needs to be one cohesive, well-developed, argumentative essay that flows. It should not simply be a tacky copy/paste job. You will need a minimum of four sources. – 40%
Length – Essay should be 7-10 pages over the topic stated in the prompt without any extra spaces, modifications, etc. NOTE: This includes the works cited page. – 50%

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