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Want to calculate your college GPA calculator course grades? Our easy to use college GPA calculator will help you calculate your college GPA calculator and stay on top of your study grades in just minutes! Whether you are taking degree courses online or are on a community college campus, no matter what degree course or specialized study you are aiming for – we’ve got you covered.













  • Try our simple to use College GPA calculator to calculate your course grade assessment and final test grades.

College GPA Calculator – Instructions

Find your GPA within minutes with these quick steps:

  1. Add Your Letter Grade
  2. Add Your Class Credits
  3. Calculate your College GPA Calculator

1. Add Your Letter Grade

You can select your current letter grade or experiment with a grade estimate to figure out your GPA. To get your grade, you can ask your teacher, as most are happy to give you your grade before the final report card. However, for the grades you cannot confirm, you can estimate and choose a grade. Grades can range from A+ to an F on the 4.0 Scale. For each class, choose a letter grade from the drop-down menu.

2. Add Your Class Credits

college GPA
college GPA

Enter the grade and earned credit for each class. For example, if you have earned A for a 4 credit class, then enter 4 in the box next to the “A.” You can add both weighted and unweighted high school classes. Your weighted classes receive extra points on the GPA scale. Unweighted classes are regular and do not carry any extra points.

Continue to enter counts of all your grades earned in coursework. Your “Semester GPA” is calculated and shown above “Add another class” button. Your GPA will be calculated for all the subjects and grades you enter. It’s alright if you have fewer than 5 classes to enter. If you have more than 5 classes, you can click the “Add another class” button as many times as you need. Add “Add another semester” button if you need to add more semesters.

3. Calculate Your College GPA Calculator

Your “Overall GPA” for all semesters is calculated and shown at the bottom of the class list below “Add another semester” button – it’s that easy! The semester GPA and aggregate cumulative GPA will keep updating at the bottom of the page as you keep adding letter grade and class weight. You can add multiple semesters to figure out aggregate and per semester weighted GPA. Follow these steps and you’re well on your way to creating your very own report card!

Updating your GPA throughout the year will enable you to see if you are on track to reach your education goals. The feedback you get when you figure out your cumulative GPA score will let you know if you need to make adjustments in your study habits for assignments, review, and exams.

College GPA Calculator:Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do P/NP (Pass/No Pass) courses are factored in? A: No, P/NP (Pass /No Pass) courses are not factored in the student’s GPA

Q: Do I (Incompletes) and W (Withdrawals) receive grade points? A: No. I (Incompletes) and W (Withdrawals) do not receive grade points and do not have an effect on the GPA

Q: How do I calculate AP or Honors courses? A: When taking AP (advanced placement) or honors courses, grade points are generally weighted. For example, a half point (.50) is added for honors courses, and a whole point (1.0) is added for AP courses (A then equals 4.50 for an Honors class, or 5.00 for an Advanced Placement class). Contact your college for more information on their grading system as schools may differ when assigning point value.

Q:DI have a very low GPA. How do I improve my GPA? A:You can use this simple online tool to figure out what GPA will you need in the final to improve your GPA.

Q:How can I calcualte my grades?A:Use our grade calculator to calculate your study grades.

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  • Grade Calculator
  • Final Grade Calculator

2020 College GPA Calculator

July 16, 2020

Determining your GPA from your course grades is easy with our college GPA calculator. Tracking your GPA throughout the course of a year can be an invaluable tool to keep you focused and goal-oriented. Below we provide the tools and resources to help you reach your target GPA and succeed no matter where you are in your educational journey.

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Your Overall GPA is 4.00

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Get help with using Indeed’s GPA Calculator — Read instructions

Frequently asked questions about your College GPA Calculator

What is the best way to improve my GPA?

College GPA Calculator:There are a number of steps you can take to improve your GPA over time. Try focusing on preparing a comprehensive plan and staying goal-oriented throughout the process. A few easy tips to keep in mind while working to improve your GPA:

  • Speak with your instructors
  • Create a plan to stay organized
  • Improve your note-taking skills
  • Ask for mentorship from high GPA peers
  • Join a study group
  • Use previous tests to study

Read more: 15 Strategies to Improve your GPA

How do you calculate weighted College GPA Calculator?

Before you are able to calculate your weighted GPA, you’ll need to find out what scale your school uses for calculating GPA, and how much each grade is worth for each course level.

Unfortunately, not all schools use the same rating scale for a weighted GPA. For example, some schools begin their scale at 5.0 for all honors, advanced placement (AP) and international baccalaureate (IB) courses, while other schools begin their scale at 5.0 for only college-level courses and 4.5 for honors-level and advanced courses that are not college-level courses.

Once you have your school’s rating scale, calculating your weighted GPA is easy. Simply add the total scale numbers associated with each class grade and divide by the total number of classes.

Read more: Guide to Calculating Weighted GPA

How do I calculate my college GPA calculator?

There are two types of GPA calculations that may be relevant while you’re in high school:

  1. Unweighted college GPA calculator
  2. Weighted college GPA calculator

Your unweighted GPA is based on a 4.0 scale and simply takes into account your class grade and your total number of classes. The College GPA calculator above can be used to calculate your unweighted college GPA calculator. Alternatively, you can use the formula and table below:

GPA = Total points earned / Total number of credits attempted

GPA Grade Scale Conversion Chart

Letter GradeGPAPercentage

To calculate your weighted GPA, follow the steps in the previous question where we outline the process in full.

Read more: How to Calculate your High School GPA

How do I calculate my grades?

College GPA Calculator; Calculating your grades is easy using the formula below:

Class grade as a percentage = (points earned ÷ points possible) × 100

College GPA Calculator:Example grade calculation

A student has taken 3 tests thus far in a semester and received scores of 83/100, 72/100, and 94/100. Their grade calculation is as follows:

Points Earned

83 + 72 + 94 = 249

Points Possible

100 + 100 + 100 = 300

Grade Calculation

(249/300) x 100 = 83% or B

Note: Refer to the table above (Grade Conversion Chart) for questions on converting your grade to GPA.

College GPA Calculator Are Pass / No Pass courses factored into a GPA calculation?

Pass / No Pass courses are not typically part of a GPA calculation. Refer to your institution’s guidelines for more information on P/NP courses and how they affect your academic record.

College GPA Calculator:What is cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude and what are the requirements for these distinctions?

Cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude are honors colleges and universities use to recognize students for their academic achievements. Earning these honors is typically an indication that a student has excelled in their coursework and stood out from their peers. While many institutions will differ in how they measure these distinctions, generally the requirements are as follows:

  • Cum Laude: Student graduated in the top 30% of their graduating class
  • Magna Cum Laude: Student graduated in the top 10-15% of their graduating class
  • Summa Cum Laude: Student graduated in the top 1-5% of their graduating class

Read more: Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude Explained

Should You Include Your College GPA Calculator on Your Resume?

While including your GPA on your resume is not required, there are some situations where it can be appropriate. These include:

  • If you are applying for jobs while still in school.
  • If you have a high GPA. Typically above 3.5.

Read more: Guide to Including a GPA on Your Resume

College GPA Calculator:How do I list honors on my resume?

The best place to include any honors you’ve achieved while in school on your resume would be under your education section. Simply add directly beneath your college or university or after your degree.

Read more: Guide to Listing Honors on Your Resume

College GPA Calculator What is the best way to list my education on my resume?

While there are many ways to format the education section of your resume, be sure to include the following elements:

  • The name of your school
  • Location of your school
  • The degree you obtained (if applicable)
  • Your field of study
  • Graduation year (if applicable)
  • Your GPA (Note: You may not want to include this if it’s not above 3.4)
  • Any relevant honors, coursework, activities or other academic achievements

Read more: How to List Education on a Resume

How to use our College GPA Calculator

Indeed’s College GPA calculator is a simple tool that allows you to find your GPA in 4 easy steps:

  1. List your course name
  2. Select your letter grade
  3. Enter your course credits
  4. See your GPA calculation

List your course name

While this is not a required field, listing an associated course name with your letter grade and course credits will help you stay organized while calculating your GPA.

Select your letter grade from the dropdown menu

Choose your current letter grade or experiment with variations of expected grades to hit your target GPA. If you don’t know your current grade, try simply asking your instructor or calculate your grade on your own based on your previous graded work.

Our calculator uses a traditional A+ – F grading system based on a 4.0 scale. The table below outlines grade points associated with each letter grade used to calculate your GPA.

Letter GradeGPAPercentage

Add Your Class Credits

Add your credits associated with the course you are inputting. If you don’t know your course’s associated credits check your course schedule documentation or ask your instructor.

While there is no academic industry standard for course credits, it is commonly accepted that one credit hour is equivalent to one hour spent in class per week. Therefore, if a class meets three hours each week, which is the case for most undergraduate student courses, it will be worth three credits per semester.

Calculate Your GPA

Your calculated GPA will automatically display on-page.

Keep learning:

How to Calculate Your GPA: A Deep Dive

Summa Cum Laude GPA Explained

Magna Cum Laude vs. Summa Cum Laude

Enter your grades below

College students, use this calculator to determine the outcome of this semester’s grades on your overall college average. To calculate your cumulative average, enter in your current GPA and credit hours from previous semesters; then this semester’s grades and credits.

Prior Semesters’ Grades (optional)

Enter your current GPA info prior to this semester to calculate your overall (cumulative) GPA.

Prior Cumulative GPA

Number of Prior Credits Completed

This Semester’s Grades

Class 1 grade 

 – A A-  B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F 

Class 1 credit hours 

 – 5 4 3 2 1 

Class 2 grade 

 – A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F 

Class 2 credit hours 

 – 5 4 3 2 1 

Class 3 grade 

 – A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F 

Class 3 credit hours 

 – 5 4 3 2 1 

Class 4 grade 

 – A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F 

Class 4 credit hours 

 – 5 4 3 2 1 

Class 5 grade 

 – A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F 

Class 5 credit hours 

 – 5 4 3 2 1 

Class 6 grade 

 – A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F 

Class 6 credit hours 

 – 5 4 3 2 1 

Class 7 grade 

 – A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F 

Class 7 credit hours 

 –  5 4 3 2 1 

Class 8 grade 

 – A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F 

Class 8 credit hours 

 – 5 4 3 2 1 

How your GPA is calculated

This calculator uses the (4.0) four point GPA scale outlined in the tables below in order to convert your letter grades to numerical points. Your semester’s GPA is calculated as the sum all the points earned, divided by the total number of course credits taken. You may optionally calculate your cumulative GPA through this semester by entering it in the prior semester input boxes. The cumulative calculation will only be accurate if you also enter the total number of classes taken in prior semesters. This information can be found on your previous report card.

College Letter Grade to GPA Conversion

Letter GradePoint Value

Grade Point Average (GPA), we have all had to deal with them, and you probably have questions like:

  • Is it too low to get into that great school?
  • How can I raise it? Do I have time?
  • Or if you are like many students out there…How do you calculate the dang thing, anyway?

Well, that is why this article, and our expertise, is here to help. We are here to break down nonsense, and help you crunch the numbers so you know where you stand academically.

GPA Formula


How GPA was calculated?

We all roll our eyes when our parents, or grandparents use the phrase, “When I was a kid, things were simpler…”. In a lot of cases, things weren’t simpler or better, just different. In the case of education, tests, and GPAs, it turns out they are right. Way back in the day, GPA’s were calculated on a simple scale with A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1 and F=0. Anyone with a positive number for an IQ could calculate their GPA quickly in their head.

Those days are gone.

Yes, the day of keeping things straightforward and simple with grades has perished, leaving behind it a straight up mess. Now you lucky whippersnappers have four, yes FOUR, different ways to choose from when calculating your GPA. Oh, and your luck doesn’t stop there. Not only are there four ways to calculate your GPA, but the way it is averaged can vary from state to state, or town to town. I know, fun right?

We can’t complain too much though, because remember grandpa walked two miles uphill both ways in the snow just to get to school!

No need to freak out, however, as we are about to show you what it all means, and how to get the number you need. So you can figure out if you will be filling out college or Burger King Applications.

Simple GPA

Besides 8-track tapes, the other archaic thing your parents used when they were young was the good old fashioned letter grade system, also known as a simple GPA. In its easiest form, an A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. For each class you have, you assign the correct number to the letter grade, add all of your grades together and divide by the number of classes you have taken.

Slightly Less Simple GPA

For schools that want to make it only slightly more annoying, they sometimes expand on the simple GPA by throwing a + or – by your letter. This means, you might need to whip out a calculator. It’s a cruel system, I know.

If you assume that A is a perfect grade, and some schools do, then the new scale will be:

Using this scale, a perfect GPA would equal 4.0. If you assume that an A+ is better than the perfect A, and some schools do, the scale you use will be as follows:

Using this scale, a perfect GPA would equal 4.33.

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