Writing Assignment 3 – (3 PAGES)

The task for the final written assignment is to write a 3 page paper on one of the topics below. 

1. What does a good police department look like?
In other words, what should people look for and expect from their own police department? We have discussed many topics during the course. They all relate to policy, police practices and behavior. Use those topics to aid in your response. Using overarching themes is a good way to organize your paper.

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Writing Assignment 3 – (3 PAGES)
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2. Design a police crime control policy
What techniques and strategies would work to reduce and control crime in an urban or suburban area? You can rely upon available literature regarding crime reduction strategies and determine whether they would be successful in your policy. Do not simply copy one strategy from a source. The task is to combine ideas and design a somewhat unique policy for crime control.

**Your response should be 3 written pages of text, not including references or title page. Cite all sources in the text and provide a matching reference at the end of the paper in APA format.

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