write a story

Write the next 1-2 pages of a short story that imagines another world—following the example of the works we’ve read in this unit so far—making sure to include the elements of a short story:

Characters (primary and secondary)
Plot (rising action, conflict/climax, resolution)

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write a story
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As you write, be sure to include literary devices, such as the following (very similar to the narrative you wrote in unit 2)

Descriptions of setting and characters: This means don’t rely on argument or exposition. Instead, show your story through salient or meaningful details that show rather than tell the story by leading readers to your story’s insights. This is also called creating a dominant impression.
Sensory details: Offer descriptions that include all of the senses (smell, taste, texture, sight, and sound) to create a dominant impression of people and places.
Dialogue and imagery: Unfold scenes that readers have a chance to interpet. That means let us know how somebody said something by showing, not telling. If someone is nervous, maybe they have torn up their napkin. That detail will lead readers to interpret the person as nervous and is more effective than saying “I like your jacket, Jack said, nervously.”

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