wk4 db1 res2

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Communication would vary depending on who you are talking to. The facts are that each situation is different depending on who it is. The decision process is different for each person. When I talk to my subordinates I often am very direct with the information that I need them to utilize for example, I sometimes have to give tasks out to them that need to be accomplished immediately. Peer to peer communication is really indifferent for me because for me there is no thought process to the decision. There are different ways in which people process and make decisions. “In terms of managerial communication, the decision-maker includes the necessary parties to help discover the problem and its symptoms. The communication skills needed include clearly articulating the reasons for examining the issue. Listening skills allow the final decision-maker to incorporate information and make the best judgment as to the nature of the problem.” (Baack, 2012, p.5.1). When I talk to my bosses who are in upper supervision I make sure that I have done everything accordingly before talking to them. When people are in the military people, we have what is called the chain of command. In the chain of command everything has to flow from the lower levels to the upper levels of supervision accordingly. The example I can give for this is my subordinates who I directly supervise cannot just go and talk to the flight chief in a regular working situation unless it was out of necessity. The subordinate who I supervise would have to let me know what is going on and depending on what it is I can solve the challenge myself or elevate it based on the severity of the situation. Communication is very important and has to flow in the right way.
Baack, D. (2012). Management communication. Retrieved from https://ashford.content.edu

Chapter 5

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wk4 db1 res2
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