wk1 google doc project propsal

Your first assignment will be to complete a project proposal template, usingGoogle Doc’s input and editing features. You will also apply styling, addcomments, and share your document.1)Download this document file to your computer:CS165W1AssignmentTemplate 2)Upload that document file to to Google Docs and open it3)This document is an example of a project proposal outline. You will needto choose a project you’ve either completed or intend to complete (feelfree to choose any personal, work, or social/church project that wouldtake more than a day to complete). You will fill in the areas of thedocument that are highlighted yellow with your own text and information.If you are not comfortable including your own address and phonenumber, make them up.4)Remove the yellow highlights from your text.5)Change the font to something other than Arial. Please use a font that iseasy to read and looks appropriate for your kind of project.6)Minimize the address, phone number, and name to 10 pt. font size.7)Center your project name and date, and apply Title styling through theParagraph Styles menu.8)Apply “Heading 5” styling to all the headers in the project proposal(Overview, Goals, Specifications, Timeline)9)Your goals section should be composed as a bulleted or numbered list.Please include 3-4 goals in this section. Choose one of the goals, anddevelop an action step (i.e. something you’ll need to do first to accomplishthat goal. If your goal is to organize your basement, an action step wouldbe to sort needed items from things that could be given away). Indentthat action step as a subpoint beneath the goal.10)Delete all the text in blue font.

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wk1 google doc project propsal
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