Wk 8 ethics discuss

Should boundaries be drawn on free speech? Answer this question for these areas of concern:
Hate speech.
Dissemination of hate literature.
Lies of Infowars and foreign interference.
Be sure to provide supporting philosophical reasons or any legal precedents to support your position
 Also reply to this student post
I disagree that freedom of speech should leave out certain ideas and certain expressions made by individuals.  A Stanford Education definition implying that a broad stroke of media (that which is meant to illicit arousal) is morally wrong does not make it universally so.  It media which is mean to cause arousal could be used to help an individual better understand their own body in a more complete way.  Like all other forms of media, pornography is regulated, so a total ban on what is deemed “pornography” would violate the 1st amendment by limiting one’s ability so express their ideas.  Many puritanical views of the human body and about one’s sexual selfs has persisted into the 21st century despite the sexual revolution of a few decades ago.  By censoring pornography, artists, and creators would be limited in bringing in new ideas about human sexuality and create a better understanding of sex and a human’s senses.  Bringing about newer positive ideas is up to the creators

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Wk 8 ethics discuss
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