Will E-Market Replace Traditional Marketing, in the Future

E-market or internet marketing is getting wider as the consumer only need the internet to buy or order the stuff they needed. They don’t need to go to the actual place to order but with just a single click they can have whatever they want. There are both advantages and disadvantages in e-marketing. However, as modernization occurs e-marketing is something many can’t live without. Everything is made easier with a click on the finger tips as the consumer have everything at their expense. However, if the E-marketing dominated the business world, it doesn’t mean that the traditional marketing will be replaced.
Even though it is widely agreed by many that e-marketing will replace traditional marketing, but I think somehow that either one will work. Since internet nowadays is widely used by the people all around the world. This makes the Internet able to connect to others and target the customer is better as the customer are able to surf the Internet anywhere and anytime. E-marketing is important and the ability to reach a targeted audience is better than the traditional marketing. According toB2B Magazine Survey (2005) as quoted by Harris in WebProNews, it says that there are 95% of purchasing agents use the web to research products and services.
Most of the agent uses the web to research the goods and also to decide either to buy it or not. Furthermore, the customer also uses the web to search for the things that they wanted to buy or make the survey online to ensure that they have the best price and not cheated at the same time. With e-marketing websites such as, e-Bay, i. Send and Newzapp and mushrooming all over the cyber community, it is undeniable that in one way or another, its presence cannot be ignored. According to Ritu who is a freelance writer from Freelance. om says, “When it comes to marketing and advertising your services, it really is a jungle out there. Although there are many different forms of marketing, lately everybody seems to be dancing to the tune of internet marketing not realizing the fact that traditional marketing isn’t out of beat yet, and I sincerely doubt it will ever be. ” It has become booming business for them, as their business cater to the needs of many costumers, as compared to traditional marketing.

Their products are economical, in which some people can get good quality products from USD 0. 9 dollars! Indeed, this is one of the major reasons that e-marketing appalled too many. Besides that, they are quick to promote their products too! With a click of a mouse, pictures and description of the particular product can be circulated quickly. Within minutes, their advertisement of this product has been viewed by hundred, thousand, and even millions! Hawkins (n. d) from Overstock. com once said this, “Every year the marketing landscape changes, every year the customers become more demanding, every year they’re wanting more things.
You have to always be sprinting to stay ahead of the competition. ” That is the reason why the Internet marketing is used worldwide now; it is because of the customers being more demanding from day to day. Have you ever heard of Internet frauds? Some products do not appear to be as good as it looked like online. Images of the particular product can be photoshoped; camera lighting can be adjusted to make the product look better. Sometimes too, irresponsible sellers who are all out to make a fast buck may send the costumer a product that ceased to function.
Only after paying a large amount of money, the costumer realized that it is actually a fraud! In the other hand, frauds are not so common in traditional marketing, as the costumer gets to choose and test the product well before buying it. According to the new statistics from San Francisco Chronicle written by Rosenberg (2007), victims of the 419-type scams had an average loss of $5,100 last year, an increase of $100 per incident compared with 2005 levels and an increase of $2,100 per incident compared with 2004.
This shows that the e-marketing is not as safe as we thought it was. In the other hand, traditional marketing is slowly being forgotten as we step into the 21st century because the products are expensive! With products being handed down from the factory through a middle man, before it finally reaches the hands of the consumer, many additional charges have been added on. As a consumer, surely people prefer to get the same product for a cheaper price! Aside from that, traditional marketing too, can be demanding in another aspect.
Have you ever been approached by promoters, all ready to give a lengthy explanations about the product they are about to sell to you? The con of traditional marketing is that it requires investment of time for promotion for the particular product. The seller themselves, approach the costumer to promote the product. In other words, traditional marketing can be considered inefficient. As logic tells us, how many customers can the promoter approach a day? 30, 40 or 50 a day?
Therefore, transmission of information for the particular product can be a slow to reach the customers when traditional marketing is used. According to the Harvard Business Review article written by Bill on August 2012, he said that the traditional marketing; including advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications — is dead. It is because many people in traditional marketing roles and organizations may not realize they’re operating within a dead paradigm. But they are. The evidence is clear that the traditional marketing era is almost end.
However, it is agreeable that somehow, e-marketing will not take over traditional marketing. Why? According to Aronsky & Zchut (2011) from netlz. net, it says that one of the main reasons that traditional marketing appalled to many costumers is that there is human communication between the seller and the buyer. It is widely agreed that human communication is essential to make a promotion for a product a success. While e-marketing depends solely on the advertisements circulated in the Internet, traditional marketing involves a human touch in the promotion of products.
Demonstrations can be held to convince the costumer about the good qualities of the product, special discounts can be given. Haller (2010) from EzineArticles. com stated that trust is a huge factor of any business, regardless of how it is promoted. Laughter and jokes, and even personal stories of one’s experience using the product can be exchanged between the promoter and the costumer. Traditional marketing makes the business world less mundane and lively with the presence of human interaction, compared to the e-marketing world.
Odden (2011) from TopRank quoted Ann Handley who is a Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and co-author of Content Rules once said this, “Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time. Worry less about sounding professional and worry more about creating remarkable content that other humans can relate to. ” What she was trying to deliver was that traditional marketing begins when there is communication between two human being.
In brief, e-marketing and traditional marketing is important to us in the future as e-marketing will save us time and also transportation cost. According to What is eMarketing and how it is better than traditional marketing? Article from Quirk. biz, “Marketing was a stories they used to convince other humans to trade Human have come a long way since then, (Well, we like to think we have) and marketing has too. Traditional marketing is also very important to us as it is an irreplaceable business in the world nowadays or in the future. Both of the business is important and can’t be replaced as it has its own value and also its own benefits.

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Will E-Market Replace Traditional Marketing, in the Future
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