Why I Love My Job

Why I work at Bentleys Resturant
I’ve worked in a number of jobs over the years, doing a variety of things, and finally, I’ve decided that working at Bentleys Restaurant is the place for me. I have decided that the best job to have is a job you love, and I’ve finally found the perfect job for me. Making good money and making sure the costumers are happy are some of the many reasons why I work at Bentleys. Firstly making good money is one of the reasons why I work at Bentleys.
For example when I make good money I am able to pay my bills on time and even support myself after the bills are paid. I am passionate about making the money, so I go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I make a good amount. Even though sometimes the hours are long and sometimes I get really tired, I always strive to make the best of it. The company pays me a base pay of twenty five dollars to come to work. Which means essentially all the money that I make I have to earn.

Secondly another reason I work at Bentleys is making sure the customers are happy and having a good time. For instance if the customers are not having a good time or are not satisfied with that service they are less likely to spend money or even return to the business. For example, some of the customer that has had a little too much to drink, sometimes they get irate if they order food and it takes longer than what they expect.
These customers may say really rude and hurtful things , but you have to remain calm and professional and continue to give them and excellent level of service. So my caring about them makes them feel special and want to return to the business or even better give me a bigger tip. In conclusion through the long hours and even the few irate customers working at Bentley’s restaurant is a great place and I love working there. Making good money and meeting and making new friends are the top reason why I work at Bentleys. I wouldn’t trade my job for anything.

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Why I Love My Job
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