Why humans are responsible for evil not Satan

C. Contact your representative to send them an email showing them that you support immigration reform. The best part is, it takes two minutes. Conclusion l. Today I have told you about why immigration laws were created, how some immigration laws affect transgender immigrants and undocumented students, and what you can do to help reform the immigration systems. VIII. So get informed and involved. We live in California, a border state, so we’re more likely to be neighbors with someone that may be undocumented, someone that you may have grown up knowing.
Be a supporter of immigrants, because according to Conor Oberst, “Considering out history, I can think of nothing more American than an immigrant. ” References Marriage-based Petitions http://immigrationequality. org/issues/transgender/ marriage-based-petitions/ Cintron, E. J. (2012). Transformation: the Progression of Immigration Petitions for Transgender Spouses. Family Court Review, 50(4), 666-678. Why humans are responsible for evil not Satan By tearsshaven As an ancient chinese proverb said , “A good man lives a hundred years but an evil man lives a thousand years. Dating from histories to the current world, we are constantly bombarded with news, scandals and histories of people being exposed of their evil often only when the damage had been dealt to their victims. Most religions would accuse this evil influence on demons and Satan brainwashing humans. However, despite these accusations, have we paused to ponder if these actions were really influenced from a supernatural force or created from our psychological brains in the realms of our conscience ?
For example , Muammar Gaddafi, the past ruler and politician of Librayan, claimed he was trying to equalize the status of women with men but in truth , he commited atrocities and rape. He proclaimed to treat women and men equally and had his elite bodyguards entirely only women as proof. He was even described as a strict , holy nd religious Islamist. However , in the shadowy depts of deceit, he raped and abused them to fulfil his perverted desires. It was only after his death did the abused victims revealed the horrifying ordeals they suffered. Lets look into the case of Miley Cyrus .

In 2013 , she did a controversial and raunchy dance with Robin Thicke at the VMAS. It sparked outrage among parents and the Christians from Miley’s hometown claimed that she had been influenced by the devil . The same could be said for Katy Perry when her Dad , a pastor in a Church, accused her of being influenced by the devil when she performed provocative music ideos. If we analyse this matter without being subjective with religious views, we would see that Miley and Katy Perry’s actions were techniques to gain the most attention and fame in the shortest amount of time.
Why does Katy Perry , a mere music star , have more followers on Twitter than Barack Obama who is President to United States , the most important country in the World ? Sadly , young sex Just sells. The psychological need in humans is sex. Most people are more interested in her luscious figure in the MVs than to know about Barack Obama and the World. No one nfluenced us to follow them on Twitter , we are Just driven by our instincts to the appealing image. Who were the ones who created porn websites ? The spirits didn’t, the Devil didn’t, humans did it.
Why did we do it ? We are built to have sex and reproduce. Why are so many rapes commited? The rapists were desperate in their needs, unable to control and they were always known to be porn addicts. In the modern world, it is indispensable that we control our sexual instincts as what humanity perceives as ‘not being an animal’ and having a sense of morality. Men that go to postitues are Judged s horny and perverted men while postitues and porn stars are labelled as whore relieve thier human instincts and finding postitutes seemed the only option available.
Based on the Indian Movie known as Silk , a bollywood actress named Silk gains fame and fortune by flaunting her body and promoting sexual appeal much to the digust of other conservative Indian women . Men , however, flocked to see her but treated her only as a sex toy . In their conscience , they only saw her as an appealing sex tool who had no respect for herself. In the end , she committed suicide from the pressure he faced and the toyed love she had. Most of the revered Hindus there also said she was a dirty soul who would fall into hell for disobeying the law of the Gods for flaunting sex.
Yet this is only what humans think. The Bible and other Holy Books were all written by humans . Whether they had really written it as orders from God , no one is 100% sure as we do not have concrete evidence that there is God. We could have also been the ones who invented God . When the Holy Wars were declared and the fighters were determined to shed holy blood in the name of their God , how could they not stop to think if it was Just enseless bloodsheds ? As quoted from Woodrow Wilson , “War isn’t declared in the name of God ; it is a human affair entirely”.
We shouldn’t account our actions in the name of Gods , we have have account it to ourselves. We were influenced to worship God by ourselves. Look at Reetah Parson and Amanda Todd’s case , both were Jovial and nice people who were destroyed by ‘evil’ people . They both reported the abuse to the Police but were taken for lightly. in addition , their classmates and others Joined in to bully and humiliate them because the bullies felt disgusted with them. The teachers were round and acted as if they were oblivious to the bullying.
In the end , both Reetah and Amanda committed suicide from overwhelming pressure and depression . It was only after their tragedy was reported in the news did the Police did a through investigation. The online pages in memory of the girls also gained many sympathies and people who said they would have been friends with them to protect them from the bullies had they known. Previously , the dead girls had their Facebook profiles filled with malicious comments from friends , classmates and other people asking them to die. Edmund Berke once said, ” For evil to flourish , good men must do nothing. “.
The tragedies occured because the adults didnt take actions to help them. No one offered to help the girls and everyonr Just watched Reetah and Amanda being bullied. The Devil didn’t stage this incident. It was all due to human actions and their level of conscience. The bullies did it because they thought it was fun. They didnt have the conscience to consider how the victims would feel. Is it ironic that we curse the Devil for the misfortunes and evil in this World when Satan punishes the evil doers for us ? We also praise the Lord for good things that happen and lament when our prayers are not answered.
Good things happen with great effort. You don’t get good grades Just by praying to God and not study. ” When you look into the sky , you dont look for God , you look in yourself. ” as quoted from Alan Watts. Evil things happen with human actions . You backstab your collegue to without your conscience. Don’t blame others for your deeds. If God is up there , why does he let so many good people suffer ? Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for trying to help the Blacks , Junko Furuta was brutally mutilated hen she had done nothing wrong ?

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