What Is the Secret to Long Life?

What is the secret to long life? The secret to long life all depends on how we take care of our own bodies. After taking my test on Blue zone I saw many bad habits that got in the way of me living longer. According to Blue zones Vitality quiz my biological age was two years older than what I really was. My life expectancy wasn’t as high as many other peers of mine that took the quiz. MY life expectancy age was 79. 2. If I fix my bad habits its more likely those 19. 4 years will be added to my life expectancy age.
My life expectancy ages were this low because of the habits I have that are not good for my body as I get older. One big problem that I have is I’m most of my time. Blue zone recommended that I should battle my feelings of stress by talking it over, exercising, eating right and getting enough sleep. I also learned that anxiety can because you skin becomes pale, heart rate increase and muscles to tense up. When I get an anxiety the best way to control it is to just recognize signs of anxiety and then take a walk or breathe in deeply.
Another bad habit is that I don’t eat as many vegetables as my body should be getting. Blue zones recommended that if I was offered a hamburger and vegetables, it makes more sense to get the vegetables which are better for my eye health. A scientific study was done and concluded that that people who ate the highest amount of yellow and dark green, leafy vegetables had a reduced chance of developing blindness. ON the other hand o also needs to enjoy some fruits.

In my quiz it stated that people who have diets rich in fruits and vegetables lower their risk of Alzheimer and dementia by 30%. Since I’m a college student I do get a lot of fast food. I need to eat healthier and eat food with fewer calories. It hard for me to stay away from the junk food since it seems so appealing comparing it to the healthy food. But my health is important and the best way to get my body healthy is to avoid foods on high fructose syrup and becoming aware of what I put in my body. My body needs exercise, healthier food and emotional control of anxiety and anger.

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What Is the Secret to Long Life?
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