What Is Normal in Our Society?

For you, what is normal? After browsing lousily in the blog topics given and after three garbage drafts of different topics, at last, I found the one topic I really get to put my mind on. Actually, it interested me to write about this topic because this is one topic which a friend and I debated about. At that time, we had different views on how we say that a certain person is normal. I think everyone is just too normal and ordinary that everyone does different things to stand out. Because of this cause, everyone seems to be the same.
This tends the idea for the contented people to look as if they are abnormal. People who don’t tend to be “normal” are the ones who makes no effort to be different. Most of the people in our surroundings wants to prove themselves to other people (say, parents, boss and even a loved one) for reasons beyond our understanding. Because of this purpose, it becomes a trend for people that when a next person who announces his rebellion to be different is just normal. I know it’s kind of confusing but my main point is, everything is normal. Examples? Fine, I’ll give them. Change is normal.
Absurdity is normal. Imagination is normal. Twisted minds are normal. Even abnormality is normal. Sometimes, those people who spend tremendous energy to be the same as everyone else are the ones who stand out and the ones who uses up gargantuan power to be different are often neglected because of its normality. People who uses queer routines would at first be queer but as time passes by, it would be normal in their aspect. The future tendency of that person is to make another show to stand out because that habit would not have lasting appreciation of the listener’s.

Being normal means to do things that are exceptionally dominant in a common society. When in a casual walk we suddenly see a beggar in America, we would think it is not normal. Why? Because in our knowledge, it has been put in our heads by our parents that America is a great country not liable of poverty. This is true. Back to the beggar stuff, well, who knows, maybe he is a broken down man who gave up hope in his life. If this is the situation, it would be normal. If he is a man who came from a wealthy and loving family and he is ust like that because he is needed to accomplish a prearranged marriage, that is normal too, however queer it might just be. To be normal is to be queer. Sometimes, it crosses my mind that normality is queerness all the same. What I literally mean is that when people try to be normal, it sounds so queer. How can a person not possibly be normal, right? While when a person tries to be queer, it looks so normal. I mean, it is just so common that people are just used to it. I JUST LOVE THE IRONY!

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What Is Normal in Our Society?
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