Week 8 FE answered questions

Please answer the four below questions.

Please include a reference to your answers using APA format and cite the reference in the text.

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Week 8 FE answered questions
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Question 1. 1. Research has shown that organizations are starting to realize that regardless if an employee is a software designer or delivery truck driver, accountant or hotel housekeeper, the most valuable aspects of jobs are now the most essentially human tasks—sensing, judging, creating, and relationship building. This means that when good people leave a company, they take their value with them—more often than not, straight to the competition. In two paragraphs, discuss how the above statement is related to commitment to the organization. Be sure to address it from the employee and employer/organizational viewpoints. (Points : 25)  

Question 2. 2. We have discussed how the communication competency approach influences one’s commitment to the organization. Using your current organization, apply the four communication competency to discuss organizational commitment. Your answer should be one-to-two paragraphs in length. (Points : 25)

Question 3. 3. Select a specific company and identify one potential crisis. Demonstrate in a well prepared executive summary to the President/CEO the steps the company should take to prepare for the specific type of crisis. Examples should be original and not present in course materials including text, modules and discussions. Your answer should be two-to-three paragraphs in length. (Points : 25)
Question 4. 4. Relational leadership can be defined as accomplishing a goal or creating a change via the people in the organization. The goal and/or change is seen as beneficial for the common good. This thought values ethical behavior and inclusivity. Discuss how a relational leader would (1) acknowledge the diverse talents of employees, (2) trust the process to bring good thinking to the socially responsible changes that all agree are worthy goals, and (3) empower employees. Your answer should be three paragraphs in length. (Points : 25)

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