Week 3 Bis/320 Weekly Reflection Outline

University of Phoenix Material Applying Information Security and SDLC to Business Your team has been researching and discussing three bookstores throughout the course to apply the concepts presented. For this assignment, you will continue to apply those concepts in a final paper. Write a paper of no more than 3,000 words in which you discuss one of the bookstores, use the SDLC method to implement a new technology into the bookstore, and detail a disaster recovery plan for the bookstore. Discuss one of the three bookstores based on the research and evaluation in your Learning Team. Introduce your selected bookstore. oWho and what is the bookstore? What is their mission? oWhat products do they sell? oWho are their customers? oExplain their website. •Color •Navigation •Ease of using the tools; for example, using credit cards for purchases •Discuss your selected bookstore. oInclude terms such as hardware, software, databases, data communications, Internet technologies, collaboration tools, and security. oInclude how they use hardware and software components. oDiscuss the types of database information used by the bookstore based on what you see on their website.
Identify any additional information the bookstore could have added to enhance their database. oIdentify their data communication technologies. oDiscuss how they address security issues. •Address the following questions in your analysis. oWhat hardware, software, networks, and data does the organization have? oWho manages it? oWho uses it? oWho owns it? oWhere is it located? oWhere is it used? oDoes the technology fulfill the business objectives? Use the SDLC method to implement a new technology into your selected bookstore.
Examples include a collaboration tool or the use of cloud computing. •Research SDLC methodology. •Include the below five phases of the SDLC method: oSystem definition oRequirements analysis oComponent design oImplementation oMaintenance Detail a disaster recovery plan for your selected bookstore and include the following: •Types of disasters and threats •People involved and their roles •Assets to protect including information •Data policy definitions •Necessary response plans in case of a disaster Cite at least five references in your paper. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

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Week 3 Bis/320 Weekly Reflection Outline
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