week 10

All students will work on a class project individually. Students must submit a Final Paper for the class during Week Nine that showcases the research you have done on a particular team member of the law office. Students will submit the a paper that is a minimum of 5 pages with an accompanying Interview presentation to the Week Nine Drop Box for the Project. 
The Final Project/Paper must include:

Title Page
References Page (3-source minimum)
Clear Introduction
Well-developed questions and paragraphs within the Body of the assignment
Concise Conclusion
APA formatting

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week 10
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Interview any one of the following persons from two different practices. Ask the interviewee to describe his or her job and actual job duties. Compile the information and submit it in a report. Do the functions and duties of the positions reported differ? If so, note the type and size of firm in which the person is employed. Is there a similarity of duties pursuant to size and type of firm? List the differences and similarities. This assignment will also include an interview portion, which can include a video, a recording,  or just the interview transcript. 

Partner/Senior Associate Attorney
Associate Attorney
Contract Lawyers
Legal administrator
Legal secretary
Law clerk
Jury consultant
Litigation support 
File clerk
Calendar Clerk

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