Wars Negative Impacts

Family, friends and strangers battle for our freedom every day but at a cost of gyrfalcon their own lives. “Enemy and the casualty lists that are lengthened each week with nothing to show for the blood being spilled” (Source E 19-20). The avoidance of death should be the only reason necessary to stop the progression of wars. Soldiers on the battlefield have done nothing to deserve to die they are only trying to protect the ones they deeply care for. Deaths cause major destruction in the lives of relatives of the deceased soldiers.
Many families lose a member who they depended on for support eventually forcing them Into poverty resulting in increased offering Inflicted by the effects of war. War simply changes every aspect involving people perspectives on life, relations even their personalities. During war soldiers lose the purpose of their battle. Soldiers do not even care about the effect they have on the family of the murdered, possibly leaving a child without a father. They are so over whelmed by their environment that they care for nothing but their own survival. An adventurous expedition had turned Into an exhausting, indecisive war of attrition In which we fought for no cause other Han our own survival” (Source E 21-22). People leaving their families return with a different attitude and personality than when they first left. Many soldiers become traumatized by the events they witness and participated in causing irreversible damage to the brain. This is why some people apply themselves to certain tasks differently than before, as a result their efforts to solve the specific situation back fire multiplying their problem.
The Individual could even possibly cause damages not only to himself but also to his relatives and the nearby people. “Stall they changed us ND taught us, the men who fought In them; In those obscure skirmishes we learned the old lessons about fear, cowardice, courage, suffering, cruelty, and comradeship” (Source E 25-27). Depression, anxiety and paranoia are a few words to describe how the war effects the members of society left at home when relatives are sent away to battle for their country.

They become unable to appear in society due to their extreme fear of death both themselves and other and possible loss of loves ones. These are negative Impacts of war because when members of society return to violation they lose the abilities to function properly within society. The money involved in the processes of war could be used to help better a nation’s population and standard of living instead of assisting in its destruction. If a nation does not have an advantage over the competing nation regarding the development of weapons then the resources consumed in the process will be used inefficiently.
This Is because factories are forced to switch the production of their products over to assaults In ten war efforts, tans would cause ten companies Ana t employees to lose Jobs, wages and money. This would cause the countries own people to suffer due to the lack of money being provided into the economy resulting in poverty and hunger. War requires a huge amount of money that a nation does not necessarily have because is a very expensive process. Not only is it expensive regarding the production of ammunition but also the after effects of war place a huge toll on the economy.
Cities may be completely destroyed which requires money to pay for workers to build and clean while also paying for the materials. It would not only remove fear and bring security; it would not only create new moral and spiritual values; it would produce an economic wave of prosperity that would raise the world’s standard of living beyond anything ever dreamed of by man. The hundreds of billions of dollars now spent in mutual preparedness could conceivably abolish poverty from the face of the earth. (Source G 4-9) Another reason is the populations youth sacrifice their lives resulting in death, leaving a gap between generations. Few of us were past twenty-five” (Source E 33). Meaning the new working generation Joining the labor pool will decrease greatly in size and skill. This is because the military removes all able-bodied men from factories to place them into the army to serve their country. Necessary Jobs such as Jobs in the medical field will lose employees preventing them from performing their duties, removing required money from the economy. War effects the economy of both countries fighting in a negative way. War requires a large amount of money to fight the war while also fixing the damages that are a result of it.
War is a conflict between countries thru the use of arms attempting to gain what they believe to be beneficial to their country. Many believe that war under certain circumstances is Justified but nothing can Justify the murder and long term effects that follow the events of war. But in spite of all arguments against war it still is and possibly will always exists. As long as war exists in countries everywhere in the world it will only produce negative consequences that humanity must accept as punishment for such actions.

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Wars Negative Impacts
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