Using Visual Aids

 I need a response to the discussion below. The response needs to expand the conversation not just agree, and also must be in APA format with in-text citations and references. The response also needs to be at least 150 words.

                                                                           Using Visual Aids
One  day you go in to work for an impromptu all staff meeting where your  seated around a long conference table. Once everyone arrives and is  settled you see an easel up front with a man in a suit standing close at  hand. He starts his presentation by saying that he is here to broaden  marketing horizons. After his initial introduction he dives right in by  unveiling his first graph on the easel. Once he has clarified his  supporting materials from the graph, for where current marketing lies  and where it can soar, he sheds off the page to reveal yet another  chart, although this time it is a pie chart. This continues over the  course of the hour. By the end of his presentation you are unable to  discern what information went with which chart or graph. In fact there  were so many that you spent the better part of the second half looking  at passerby’s outside the window. 
By  a slight miscalculation the gentlemen who had been presenting lost his  audience’s attention do to the dry repetitive nature of his visual aids.  If he has perchance exchanged some of his graphs for videos or  testimonies to support his statements he may have kept hold of his  demographics attention. After all visual aids should be as uncomplicated  and engaging as possible (Lucas, 2015). 
In  my persuasive speech I am planning on using a couple visual aids. The  one I am most concerned about getting correct is various yoga positions  with their respective names in English and Hindi. Though I feel it is  important to associate each pose with its proper name, I am concerned  that by giving both the English and Hindi versions of the pose name it  may be too much information. I believe that if I am able to focus on a  maximum of 3 poses I may be able to include the image and both versions  of the name before it all starts to sound like one long unintelligible  phrase. After all isn’t the point of any speech to have your audience  remember your pertinent supporting information rather than it all  blurring together.
Lucas, S. E. (2015). The art of public speaking (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education

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Using Visual Aids
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