Q3. Download the image from the assignment folder and scale the image to 600 × 400 pixels and change the colour of text in that image. 
For each of the questions above, write a report on how each of the image editing task was carried out along with screen shots in a word file. Store the image in each question as .png file and also as a .xcf file (the native GIMP file). 
This part requires you to develop a collage using several digital images (5 minimum) which will be sourced by you including your own photo of the size 150 * 150 pixels. To achieve this task please gather images you like (provide a reference if it’s not shot by you). You must include:
1. A group photo of you and your friends 
2. Part of “Australian Flora and Fauna” (e.g. a Koala chewing the gum tree branch
3. A flower 
4. A bird 
5. And your own image (collage made from above images) – refer to the sample provided (Assignment1_Collage_Sample.png)
The collage must contain the following features, as illustrated in the sample solution: 
1. The collage should be of 600 * 400 pixel (width * height) 
2. The collage should have “transparent background” (except the main background – e.g. your hometown) 
3. At the top of your collage, place a photo of yourself, and underneath the photo, insert the text “by xxxxxx (your student_ID)”, where xxxxxx is your full name. Use a size that is small enough to be unobtrusive and use italic. 
4. For each image in the collage, add a required amount of transparency and feathered effect to avoid sharp borders.
5. You need to submit your collage in two forms – as a .xcf file (GIMP native file), and a .pngconverted from .xcf file. 
6. In addition, please rename all the layers (.xcf will contain all the layers) with meaningful names (e.g. “the sunflower”)

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