Using Animals in Disease Research

Using Animals in Disease Research People all over the world have different opinions on whether animal testing is an ethical way to research drugs and treatments or not. Almost every medical advancement has involved using of animals including discovery of penicillin, organ transplantation, vaccines etc. Scientists should use animals in disease research because nowadays it is the only right way to develop drugs, treatments and cures for diseases and to be sure that new products are safe to use.
The first reason why animals should be used in lab testing is that it is the best way to do the research not on human beings but on something that is very similar to humans by chemistry, cell structure and organization. Only drug testing on animals will shows maximally closest result to what will happen in the human’s body. Perhaps we weren’t be able to cure even very common diseases in present-day medicine without using animals in researches. The second reason why scientists should use animals in their researches is that animal’s rights are still protected and they don’t feel pain during the testing.
According to Foundation for Biomedical Research, the Public Health Service Act, Federal laws, and Animal Welfare act controls the removal of pain. All animals used in procedures always relieved from pain by anesthesia. A well-treated animal provide more reliable scientific results, which is the goal of all researchers. The last reason why using animals in research is necessary is that human beings are more important than animals. Animals quickly reproduce itself and they have short life cycle that help scientists to study effects of the drugs on several generations. Also animals can be donors of organs for humans.

The society knows many facts in a last few years about transplanting of animal`s organs into human body. The opponents of using animals in disease research might say that scientists could discover drugs using alternative methods such as computer models. However, scientists should see the drug action in all system of living organism to be sure how it works. Using animals in lab testing and researches is necessary because alternative methods are currently not as reliable. Testing drugs and treatments on animals will someday help scientists find the cure for diseases like Alzheimer, AIDS, and cancer.

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Using Animals in Disease Research
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