Unit VI Discussion Board Question

Choose one of the videos listed below, located in the Films on Demand database in the Waldorf Online Library. (If the video you selected is no longer available, please select another from this list.)

Watch the video you selected, and use it as a basis for your discussion board post. Include the following elements in your post:

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Unit VI Discussion Board Question
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List the video’s title in bold at the top of your post.
Provide an introduction or synopsis of the overall topic of the video.
Discuss in detail the experiences of the people featured in this video.
How do the topics covered in this video apply to diversity and inclusion in the organization culture? Discuss.

As always, be sure that your discussion is respectful, as you seek to understand yourself and other people! In your discussion, practice Model II behaviors.

Make your selection from the following:

Understanding the Experience of Women:

“Women in Business: Makers: Women Who Make America”
“Why Can’t a Woman Succeed Like a Man?”
“Why Can’t a Woman Earn as Much as a Man?”

Understanding the Experience of LGBT Individuals:

“Some of the Strangest Medical Cases: Is There a ‘Gay Gene’?”
“Conceiving Family: Stories of Gay and Lesbian Adoption”
“Gay Couples: The Nature of Relationships”

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