Unit 5 essay

Please write an essay about pollution prevention in the dry cleaning and hydraulic fracturing industries. Include the following items:

one-paragraph introduction;
(five paragraphs article review):Sinshelmer, Grout, Namkoong, Gottlieb, and Latif (2007): dry cleaning article, including an explanation of the common dry cleaning process using perchloroethylene (PCE), problems with PCE, and a review of options to PCE presented in the paper;
(total—of a five paragraphs review for both articles TOTAL 5 paragraphs): the Heywood (2012) article about Fracking 

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Unit 5 essay
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Chen, Al-Wadei, Kennedy, and Terry (2014) article on hydraulic fracturing, including environmental issues with hydraulic fracturing and the P2 solutions presented in each of the two articles (include the use of liquid carbon dioxide); ALL of this in 5 PARAGRAPHS

(five paragraphs article review):the Taylor, Carbonell, and Desimone (2010) article on using liquid carbon dioxide for P2, focusing on how liquid carbon dioxide can be used as a substitute in the dry cleaning industry and in the hydraulic fracturing industry;and a
two-paragraph summary to include your overall thoughts about P2 (Conclusion) in the dry cleaning and hydraulic fracturing industries, and specifically whether liquid carbon dioxide is a reasonable, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional methods.

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