Unit 206 Business Admin

Learner statement unit 206 Outcome 1 Enterprise rent a car (ERAC) operates within the automotive and retail industries. Our mission is to fulfil the automotive and commercial truck rental, leasing, car sales and related needs of our customers and, in doing so, exceed their expectations for service, quality and value. We will strive to earn our customers’ long-term loyalty by working to deliver more than promised, being honest and fair and “going the extra mile” to provide exceptional personalized service that creates a pleasing business experience.
We must motivate our employees to provide exceptional service to our customers by supporting their development, providing opportunities for personal growth and fairly compensating them for their successes and achievements. We believe it is critical to our success to promote managers from within who will serve as examples of success for others to follow.
Although it is our goal to be the best and not necessarily the biggest or the most profitable, our success at satisfying customers and motivating employees will bring growth and long-term profitability. Within the automotive and rental sector, ERAC offers high service levels and reliability and offers certain perks that other companies do not such as “we will pick you up” Reviewing damage claims and assigning collection strategies

Negotiating with individuals, insurance companies, corporate customers and credit card companies   Maintaining accounts of collections and incoming payments on claim files Producing professional written communication including tasks such as writing, editing and proofreading correspondence and brief reports  Interpreting loss data in conjunction with debtor feedback in order to establish settlement needs and parameters Interpreting loss data in conjunction with debtor feedback in order to establish if claim is valid and/or if the claim needs to be closed Determining what claims must be worked in order to obtain payment Interpreting recovery efforts to determine if a claim must be referred to a third party vendor for additional collection efforts. The role is essential to the organisation as all vehicles are “self-insured” so all losses come straight from the company for any damages. If I was unsure of any policy or procedure relating to my role, I would initially consult he policy on the intranet. I would then query with my coordinator, supervisor or manager and if needs be, HR department. Outcome 2 ; 3 People working together to achieve common goals needs proper coordination so that the assigned or delegated tasks are done smoothly and effectively.
In an organization, there has to be leaders as well as the supervisors and those who implement the plans – the people founding the main work force or employees who needs to realize their own tasks and assignments so that they can perform accordingly. By working together you can achieve positive results because you work together to achieve a common goal quickly and effectively. By explaining and agreeing to work goals you emphasise how important the work is and also how important he individual’s role is. This also ensures everyone is working off the same timescale and the same standard. Team members can support each other by helping with workloads, emails and administrative duties. You can support other teams by encouraging them and appreciating their efforts. They can also share tasks, e. g. incoming phone calls.
The purpose of agreeing quality measures within a team ensures everyone is working on the same time scale and to the same quality level, this means that work is consistent and creates a happier work environment as well as more professional image. All information should be communicated between the other people in the team as again this ensures everyone has the same knowledge base and feel happier with the tasks they have been set and why. The communication can take place verbally, face to face or in team meetings, via email or via memo’s. Outcome 4 By recognising the strengths in others you can pool abilities within the team so as to finish work to a high standard quickly and effectively. If one person excels at a certain task, they will complete it correctly and quickly and freeing up other team members to work on different objectives for the team.
Diversity within a team offers different levels of expertise and viewpoints. Having diversity allows tasks and problems to be approached from many different angles. A project carried out by a divers team will raise clarity and levels of arguments to ensure that all ideas are thoroughly considered. By respecting your individual team mates you create a better working environment which is conductive to happier employees who work more efficiently. Outcome 5 The types of problems and disagreements that may occur within a team include * Dishonesty * Difference of opinion * Disagreement over workloads * Incompetence * Disagreements over personal issues such as annual leave, workloads, lunches etc. Disagreements over the way to work effectively The best way to resolve problems or disagreements is to compromise and be as flexible as possible. Problems can be resolved by the management assigning roles for different members or sitting down with employees and talking the issues out. If this fails then grievance procedures should be followed. Outcome 6 Constructive feedback helps organisations improve and help employees work more efficiently. By giving constructive feedback you can help ensure that you are making work processes more effective and positive. When receiving feedback you can recognise any mistakes that you may not have spotted.
Feedback enables you to reflect on your work as an individual and as a team as if delivered constructively will improve morale and productivity. Getting feedback is a suitable way to receive information that will help make a workplace more efficient. It helps individuals realise how members of your team and possibly other departments like or don’t like about how you work, this will allow you to either continue in the same fashion, confident that you are doing a satisfactory job or make adjustments to hopefully improve your performance. Likewise feedback to a team will show where they could improve and by discussing the issues this will enable the team as a whole to implement new ideas and working methods to improve effectiveness and productivity.

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Unit 206 Business Admin
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