Unit 1 Journal

As mentioned in the class lecture, “scientism is the belief that the best or only way to have any knowledge of reality is by means of the sciences (Moreland and Craig, 2003, pp. 346-350).”  The view of scientism appears to reject knowledge of beliefs held without scientific knowledge or support.  This would seem to include beliefs like religion.  Similarly, postmodernism seems to do away with many beliefs and views of people who are religious.  In a postmodern world there would be no universal religious or ethical laws, as everything is shaped by the culture one exists within (BBC, 2009).  For a variety of reason, including scepticism and disillusionment with religion in general, some have a tendency to choose science or other beliefs over religion. As a nurse who does not subscribe to scientism or postmodernism, I understand the tension that exists within our society and Western culture, but I don’t experience much internal tension in the matter.  In science, I see the foundation of the nursing profession.  I depend on science to help in our understanding of the human body and our understanding of the world around us.  The world is a better place as a result of scientific knowledge and breakthroughs that have occurred over the course of human history and knowledge should be something we continue to seek to better care for our patients and each other.  That said, science cannot answer everything.  Science does not provide answers to morals, ethics, and values that individuals and societies must find answers to.  In this way, for many, including myself, religion also helps us to understand the world around us, just in a different way than what science can offer. 

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Unit 1 Journal
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