Unended War and Intervention in Iraq

Iraqi people might find already immuned of the uproar in different areas in Iraq. The tragedies that were happened more than two decades ago and are still happening nowadays are really marked the history of Middle Eastern conflict. Such bombings, bombarding, invasion, and protests are really taken the big part of the history of Iraq.

It was during 1980 when the Iraq tried to invade the Iran, but of course, the Iran did not let it happen(Shalom, 1993). Though the Iraq made its initial success, the people of Iran used their man power as many population they have.

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Unended War and Intervention in Iraq
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At the middle of the 1982, the Iran was triumphant with their goal of pushing out the invasion of Iraq. But considering the fact that Iran has much weaponry, they were able to prevent the moves of the Iranian, and it was year 1988 when the silence screams of the gun and war men were off heard.
However, though the war was ended (temporarily), the blame was on the both government of the two countries when in Saddam Hussein was the one who was ruling the Iraq. Letting the bloodshed among Iraqi citizens was considered as one of his callous in leading  his constituents.
This was the time when the United States (US) started to intervene so as to help out the Iraq in settling the untapped war that had been started before and to help the people of Iraq to recover from the hell of war and from the ruthless government of Hussein.
The US sent military troops in Iraq whereas they created several bases in different regions in Iraq. And nowadays, the US is continuing lurking around the Iraq. They are doing they ‘surge’ (Reuters, 2007) together with the British troupes. According to the report of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (2007), the rush forward being done in Iraq is nearly unsuccessful such that an insurgency is more likely to happen again.
The critical condition of the mission of the US in the Iraq together with the British government pertained that war between the Hezbollah and Israel last August 2006. The war between them was hardly to ceasefire. The criticism of the event is more likely on former Prime Minister Tony Blair since he was the one who refused for a call of an immediate stop fire between the Israel and Hezbollah (Lebanon) in their war last year.
I have chosen this event to be use as application in theoretical analysis since this is widely known by everybody and that the lives of the people living in the countries involved are severely affected by the war that is happening.
(Part B)
The clash between Iran and Iraq seemed more likely though during the early 90s. However, since the Iraq was suffered under the Hussein’s regime, lots of militant groups and civil underground rebels emerged and rebellion took place.
And it is in nature of the United State, being considered as the most powerful country in the world, to help, in any way, those who are in depth recovery of the war. But in the case of Iraq, the peace seemed not finding its place. Until now, clashes are still going on, but not necessarily war against another nation, but war among civil there.
The surgency that the US has been doing and trying to imply in the Iraq, does it really pure surgency? As we all know, the US is one kind of imperialist in the world. Widely, it colonized a lot of country in Asia, explicitly and implicitly. Once one touched the hand of Uncle Sam, you would definitely touch it along the way.
The reason why Iraq still has its internal conflict between civilians is not because they rebel with each other, it may probably because of the intervention of the US in their nation. Come to think of it: whose nation would like to handle by different hands instead the hands of its people?
Politically speaking, this could be a way of euphemizing the real intention of the US. We could deny the fact that the US wanted to hold more power, and imperialism is the instrument and effective tool for them to accomplish their goal.

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