Supply Chain Design Assignment Overview

For this assignment, you will assess the design of a supply chain, using the SCOR model and the SCRMP to guide your assessment.
Assignment Directions
To complete this assignment:

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Identify a current global supply chain example for a consumer  product. Choose one for which there is sufficient information available  to assess the degree to which it leverages cultural understanding and  integrates governmental, legal, and environmental considerations to  achieve a sustainable business result.
Evaluate the design of the supply chain .  

Apply the SCOR model and performance measures.
Apply the SCRMP to identify and propose risk mitigation strategies
Consider how the organization integrates governmental, legal,  and environmental considerations and cultural understanding in its  design.

Write a 4–5 page paper describing and evaluating the supply chain design.      

Utilize the SCRMP and the SCOR model in your description.
Identify supply chain risks and recommend risk mitigation strategies.
Identify  key performance indicators (KPI) for this supply chain and describe the  chain’s performance versus competing supply chains.
Assess the  integration of governmental, legal, and environmental considerations in  the design of a global supply chain, and the degree to which it  leverages cultural understanding.

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