Read the following interview segments at: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/architect/texas/realignment.html
If, for some reason, the link will not work, you may access a PDF of the article here: Texas – How Texas Became A ‘red’ State Karl Rove — The Architect FRONTLINE PBS.pdf.

Note: The assigned Article Extension will be based on the assigned article here as well as the unit material. The submitted written assessment should reflect a synthesis of the content presented. As such, students should take time to read and digest the assigned reading. 

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The Article Extension should be a one-page typed essay which answers the specific question posed and includes specific references from the assigned supplemental article(s) as well as the textbook. Quality submissions will present a clear knowledge of the subject and a synthesized approach to the support provided. 
Specific Question for Unit 1: 
What is the core (or most convincing) reason Texas shifted from a predominately Democratic state to a predominately Republican state? Additionally, how concerned should the Republican Party be concerning a potential shift back to a Democrat state? Answer should be supported with evidence from the article and textbook. 
General Guidelines:
-Minimum 500 words in length.
-Revised and edited. 
-Incorporates assigned article and textbook. 
-Clearly answers the question posed. 
-Organized well and concisely written. 
-All source material cited.

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