Troubleshooting theory

For this assignment, you will develop or recall an I.T. issue, and in a two-to-three page paper, you will describe each step in accordance with the troubleshooting theory to resolve your issue. With each step of the troubleshooting theory, make sure you include the issue you are attempting to resolve.
Here are some criteria for completing this assignment:

First, “Identify the problem.” Explain the processes you have come up with that would allow you to identify the problem. List the questions you would ask and/or think about to determine the problem. What did you conclude was the problem?
After completing Step 1 of the troubleshooting theory, go to Step 2, “Establish a theory of probable cause.” Continue listing your thought processes/questions and conclude with identifying your theory for Step 2.
You will then go to Step 3 and continue the processes until you have completed Step 7.
Don’t forget that some problems are more challenging to resolve than others. Your initial theories may not resolve the issue; therefore, you will have to repeat Steps 2-5.
Keep in mind when would be a good time to escalate and at what point would you “Educate the user?”

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Troubleshooting theory
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