Timothy Hall’s Story Review

Timothy Hall, tells a story of a bold, independent, self confident, and assertive young women during the time of 1636 to 1638. Hall arranged his novel by organizing the chapters in her life story around statements made at her trial. The study of Hutchinson life gives us the opportunity to enter into a different world of New England’s founding generation. As Hall’s questions; “what should we make of this remarkable women and her tragic fate? How did she understand herself? How did her contemporaries understand her? (Hall,2) are answered and supported throughout the novel. The answers to such questions can come only from a thorough examination of Anne Hutchinson experience with religion, culture, and politics in early modern England and its first colonies. Timothy Hall sets up the first chapter helping the readers comprehend who exactly Anne Hutchinson is, explaining where it is she came from and her back round information. Hutchinson was born during the Protestant Reformation, the year of 1592 in Alfred, Somerset, United Kingdom.

Her parents, Francis and Mammary were Puritans strong believers, although, they were forced to convert into the English Church. Ann.’s parents had planned to raise her with Puritans beliefs, but also in healing. She was set up to marry William Hutchinson, once they planned to marry and start a family, they planned on raising their soon to be family under a Puritan roof with firm beliefs. In order to go on with this lifestyle without persecution they planned on Joining a trek to America with other Puritans.

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Timothy Hall’s Story Review
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