This Is My Most Important Event in My Life

A Significant Event I think in a human life, everyone has a significant event that they can’t forget. Mine is a poignant farewell party where I said good-bye to my family, my relatives, and my friends. Everyone was laughing and telling funny stories, but I wanted to be alone. I sat on the roof of my house and looked at the stars. It was very hard to leave. I knew I loved them so much and I didn’t truly want to go to the U. S. ; however, I decided I must go and make my own future. I realized that this was my chance to build my career which would benefit me and my family. It was an emotional evening.
I will always remember it. It was a lovely day with a sunny morning, a cloudy afternoon, and a windy evening. That morning, I went to the America Embassy for an appointment with the delegate for an interview to receive my F-1 Visa. Maybe it was my lucky day. There were many people who wanted to get a Visa that day. I had waited more than three hours in the waiting room for my turn. I was nervous about what he would ask me. But the interview was easier than I thought. I passed it with a smile on my face. When my father knew I had passed the interview, he was really happy.
He told me he would organize a big farewell party for me, and he did it. He invited all of our relatives and friends. Then we prepared everything for the upcoming party together. When all of us were in my house, we separated two groups. One went to market to buy food and beverages. Another group went to the bakery to buy a big farewell cake. We attended the farewell party with a happy atmosphere. During the evening, we took photos and sang the songs we loved. We had a feast with a diverse menu, which included appetizers, main dishes and the desserts. We were joking while we were cooking and eating.

The meal was good, but I really enjoyed our affection for each other. After the dinner, we went to the living room to continue the party with playing cards and video games. After a while, my grandpa began telling us some his legend tales. Step by step, everybody told many funny stories that made me laugh too much. I knew everyone was sad that I would be leaving, but they still celebrated because they loved me. I realized it, and I laughed with them because I didn’t want them worry about me. On the other hand, I still wanted to be alone so that I could think about many things.
I didn’t even know what I was thinking about. I just wanted to find a quiet space so that I could feel peaceful in my mind. I climbed up, sat on the roof and looked at the stars on the sky. Some thought started appearing in my mind. I knew when I left my country; my parents would be sad and worry about me. I thought about my younger brother, who was still a teenager and hoped he would start studying hard and listening to what my parents said. I was also concerned that I would not see my grandparents anymore because they were very old. I knew I would miss my aunts and uncles also.
I thought about my friends and all the good time we’d had together. We still had many plans to perform together. Furthermore, I thought about my future. I might perceive and experience more things in the other culture. In addition, I was able to improve my English skill in listening as speaking. This was my opportunity in order to build my career according to my plan; this also was my chance so that I could found my own company. Otherwise, I would be independent. I imagined that how many troubles I would meet. Not only I didn’t scare, but I also felt interesting.
I would figure them out and handled by myself. There were some reasons motivate me that I should left Vietnam to the U. S. That really was my significant event; the first time I seriously thought about a lot of things in one night. And now I realize I have matured more since I came here. I’m becoming a man. I may solve many problems as well as I know how to take care of myself. Nonetheless, I still miss my parents, my all relatives. I always want to graduate the University as fast as I can so that I could come back my country and visit all of them.

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This Is My Most Important Event in My Life
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