The Presley Mania

I think I’m already a lot prepared. Whew! Wait I need to look really nice… there comes my idol there! Hi Elvis! Hi Elvis!!! Good thing I have my video cam with me! Hey Elvis look at me! I’m your number 1 fan here!!! Ha-ha, nice smile over there I hope that one’s for me. I wish I was musically inclined from childhood up to now that I must have watched the concerts of my only one King of Rock and Roll! God, I never knew that he could be this famous all over the world. No one can defeat him in his place as the King. God flooded charismas all over the earth and I think he got them all. Hehe.
What about his flashy hair and the prominent long side burn that every male should possess, and even a female would want to, haha. It is really his trademark in his performances, and when you ask about him they would surely give this as his first description. Anyway, who would ask about Presley when nobody does not know him? I think even people of the next generation would still remember him for his popularity and impact on the hearts of humanity. One thing I like about Elvis is how he connects to the fans, especially when he begins to sing his songs. I call him Elvis coz I know we have a connection.
Many of the fans here try to imitate his hair, the way he talks and his mannerisms. Oh no two of his fans here quarrel about who looks like Elvis more, haha! Good thing about my idol is that even though he got it really a blast with the audience, he makes us feel he is just easy to reach. I remember in one of his concerts in the 70’s: “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” when he actually goes into the audience to mingle for a while–being exchanged by a lot of persons which also highlighted a party where exchanges with Elvis and Cary Grant, together with Sammy Davis Jr. appened. I never imagined that he is this down earth in joining his fans, from the most elite to the simplest type of person. That his fans only imagine this to happen but he made it all come true. Sometimes a fan collapses when he looks at them, they feel so much honored. The same with other icons like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Oprah Winfrey. I also heard on his concert 7 years after “That The Way It Is” that a girl came nearer the stage to see him but unfortunately she was not able to call his attention and was partially snobbed.

This girl was really desperate upon doing this, a very few thought that my idol was bad enough to neglect the fact that someone was approaching her, but then maybe he was just being nice to everyone and he wanted to treat the fans equally. One of the highlights of the life of the late Elvis was when he won an award being second all over the world after. The award given was the Golden Globe award and this was really fantastic for Elvis to have won such an honor. He also liked having a live concert because of all the electricity created on the floor.
He said it was his most favorite part of the business, not the awards or whatsoever. Frank Sinatra, a friend of Elvis said that he’s going to miss him together with all the praises from the audience, his wonderful music, which only Elvis Presley can create. Even the whole America was astonished; they were really affected by this great loss, as witnessed by the former American president himself, Mr. Jimmy Carter. The world quoted him because he is an icon. Almost everyone listened to what he was saying. He was really a good example to all. I reckon having heard of some of the famous lines he said:
Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes… I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to… These lines show that Elvis fostered good attitudes in his big audience. Criswell of The Book of Country Music Wisdom mentioned that he used this as an instrument to instill in the minds of the people the importance of being humble, being critical, being positive, and being true to oneself. He showed us that the music he creates is for the benefit of all, not even just for those who know music, but even for those who will hear it first.
Elvis has been influential up to now. In videoke bars the song “My Way” has always been a hit. There has been a mistake when this song is being played. They say that it has demonic influences on people listening to it and singing it. The story behind this is that everyone would like to sing the song in the microphone for this is their favorite song, and suddenly everything will go the wrong way: they will begin to shoot bad words to each other, and in the long run have some quarrel and they will resort to kill each other.
Then they kill or hurt each other as if their inalienable rights were taken from them whenever the mic goes away. Everyone might have wanted to feel the electricity there is whenever Elvis Presley performed. Even so, they would like to be like him. There are still so many things about Elvis Presley that I could still remember but due to the limitations of words I could not think of ways to express them. The feeling that you want to share to other fans your personal experience about your idol would really be helpful.

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The Presley Mania
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