The Importance of Team Work

The concept of teamwork is extremely important to the success of any team.
All coaches talk about working as one unit, as a unified team. Teamwork and unselfishness create the backbone of a great team, without them a team cannot realistically compete. You can have a group of superstars, but if they do not work well as one unit, chances are they are not going to be as successful as you would think. The team working as one cohesive unit is going to be the key in their success.A productive team has players that share common goals, a common vision and have some level of interdependence that requires both verbal and physical interaction. Teams come into existence through shared attitudes about a particular sport. They may come together for a number of different reasons, but their goals are the same – to achieve peak performance and experience success.
The ends may differ but the means by which one gets there is the same – teamwork. Every member of the team is accountable when it comes to teamwork. To succeed at the task in hand everyone involved needs to combine their efforts.If everyone does their job well, then it increases what the team can accomplish. This teamwork has to be recognised by everyone and know that great things can happen if individuals master the fundamentals and work together as one unit. Everyone has their own unique role, but each person’s individual role must be recognised and appreciated. Teamwork is something that must be a high priority and given constant attention.

Every player needs to understand how important it is for them to work smoothly together if they want to be successful.Each player must be dedicated to the whole team and be willing to act unselfishly. When challenges arise (as they always do), the team needs to have the resources, accountability and commitment to deal with them in a constructive and positive manner. A sense of teamwork will play an integral part in this. Sugarman K. (2004), “Understanding the Importance of Teamwork”, Brian Mackenzie’s Successful Coaching (ISSN 1745-7513), Issue 13 2- Despite our cultures emphasis on individuals, teamwork still pays a big part in our corporate environment.Only those who work for themselves, and by themselves, in cottage industries are truly on their own.
All of the rest of us have to cope with other people to get things done. Customers rely on businesses to produce goods and services. In turn, bosses rely on their employees, and employees have to rely on their teammates to get projects done by the time they are due. If we all said, “The heck with teamwork,” the entire economy would grind to a halt. The key to teamwork is putting the needs of the project over one’s own petty desires and cares. It is the goal that matters, not the individual.It is harder than it looks.
Our culture seems to reward those who are not good team players, the mavericks and the shakers. Yet that is not necessarily true. If you are an up and coming executive, before you reach the top you have to learn to “play well with others. ” If you don’t, you will be fired long before you hit a position of power. After you make it to the top, you may not look like a good team player, at least from the views of the trenches (the common worker), but that is just because your project goals are no longer the same as theirs. Morgan Drake Eckstein 2007) 3 -There have been surges in corporate management seminars about “team” and what they say in the seminars is usually true. What happens is that after the training, the employees and managers return to work, building their team around themselves, for their benefit, and the team concept gets lost in the dog-eat-dog world of corporate competition.
A well run company uses the concept of team in its everyday functions, not making it the “theme of the week. A good team is when each member contributes their strengths to the total effort, and others cover for the employees weaknesses. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and the manager who can use the strengths and deal best with the weaknesses will have the best team effort and consequently, the best productivity. ( will Kester 2006) 4-Teamwork and it’s importance in a company Every company, no matter how large, consists of different levels of expertise, each complimenting each other, to make that company work.Teamwork is what brings those chains together and keeps them working efficiently, recognizing that no matter how lowly the job, it has it’s place within the structure of a team which is every bit as vital as those well remunerated jobs at Board level. How it works. Communication between human beings is as essential in the workplace as it is in life.
Image parents that don’t talk to children, children that don’t talk to teachers, etc. In each of these scenarios what happens is that the chain of command or chain of understanding is broken, and the lack of communication leads to failure.In a company situation. In companies, Unions were formed to try and speak for the workers, although what the very foundation of these unions has proven is that there is a lack of communication between management and staff on certain issues. In a situation where management make decisions without consulting staff or indeed communicating with them, this breakdown leads to the breakage of team structure, which is vital to success ( Rachelle de Bretgne 2002) 5–Teamwork is not only important, it is essential if a company is to succeed.The word “company” has several meanings, and all of them refer to a group or “team. ” American Heritage dictionary gives the following definitions for company: 1.
A group of persons. 2. a. One’s companions or associates: “moved in fast company; is known by the company she keeps. ” b. A guest or guests: “had company for the weekend. ” c.
The state of friendly companionship; fellowship: “was grateful for her company; friends who finally parted company. ” 3. a. A business enterprise; a firm. b. A partner or partners not specifically named in a firm’s title: “Lee Rogers and Company. 4.
A ship’s crew and officers. As you can see, the very word “company” means teamwork. A company is not an individual trying to accomplish a single goal; rather, it is a group of people, with different talents and abilities, working together to achieve a goal to benefit all. Working together is the only way to effectively meet that goal. A salesperson, without the help of the manufacturer who makes the product he is selling, will be selling nothing but his words. An editor, without the help of the writer who provides the words to edit, will have nothing to edit.Each job is important, and all the jobs in a company work together to make a company profitable.
If everyone in the company is only concerned with himself and how he can benefit, there is chaos. If everyone is working as a team, doing their individual best and helping each other, there is peace and productivity. Without teamwork, a company is not a company; it is a bunch of individuals working for themselves. As the saying goes, “Many hands makes light work. ” Teamwork makes a company run smoothly, and teamwork is the only thing that will make a company be truly successful. ( Emmy Danniels 2004)

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