The Impact of Arbitration

Answer arbitration will cause greenery to be lost. Arbitration involves the process of buildings new buildings and infrastructure, and trees and grasslands will have too be chopped down and removed to make space for the new buildings. In this case, the natural environment is lost. Sometimes, construction will cause sand and dirt to circulate in the air, creating air pollution, while pollutants from construction sites may enter water bodies and cause water pollution. Even though some cities may try o restore its former greenery, it can never be compared to the previous natural landscape.
Animal Shortage of Electric Power
A very serious problem facing the entire country is the acute shortage of electric power both in urban and rural areas. This can be solved only by generating much more electricity than at present. However, this solution has met with almost a wall- like obstruction. Conventional methods of generation like coal based thermal power, nuclear power and hydro electric power are being opposed by people for reasons of environmental pollution, displacement of people submergence of land and forests etc.

There are some gas based power stations which are less polluting but due to lack of sufficient quantity of natural gas they are working at less than half their load capacity. Non-conventional sources of power like solar power and wind power are not that economically viable or affordable by the consumers. The power generation Is also intermittent requiring large storage capacity for energy. One does not know what new problems will arise In storing energy on such large scale. Fee will also be greatly affected due to habitat loss.

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The Impact of Arbitration
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