The Great Land Serpent

For starters, the train Is being portrayed as a serpent, and In biblical terms, the serpent Is an evil creature that lures Innocent people to betraying others. In the cartoon It stretches across the land Into the horizon, In a curvy motion, which shows how wide spread this creature Is, and showing how there Is no escaping It. The creature Is consuming money and people through Its mouth which shows what Is powering it as well as what it takes to create it. Close to the top of this creature is a hole for smoke to blow out of, which homilies the damage it does to the environment.
In the smoke there is also a word written, dividend. According to the dictionary, dividend means a sum of money paid to shareholders. There is also another word cleverly hidden in the cartoon, on the street corner, it reads “Dangerous”, and when you put these two words together, you are able to come to the conclusion that the author doesn’t think that the railroad is worth the risks and money. Another important aspect to this cartoon is the human standing to the side.
His resent may be to show that humans are responsible for this horrible creation that is in turn killing them. You are able to tell that he is raising his hand but it’s hard to tell is he is saying to stop or continue on. By showing the train/creature running over many dead bodies and lots of money, it’s clear the author disapproves. “The Great Land Serpent” symbolizes how the railroad is similar to a beasts evil creature. It’s very apparent that it’s negative because its’ getting its’ energy from the dead bodies, money, and manpower.

The painter makes it a point to show his disapproval of the railroad and how evil his believes it to be. The author must have been greatly affected by the railroad system to cast such a negative light on It In this political cartoon. The Great Land Serpent By middleman 2 This political cartoon, titled “The Great Land Serpent,” casts the railroad and its were expensive, and had to be maintain constantly. Also it cut Jobs, because it eliminated the need for people to transport items from one place to another. Lord. For starters, the train is being portrayed as a serpent, and in biblical terms, the serpent is an evil creature that lures innocent people to betraying others. In the cartoon it stretches across the land into the horizon, in a curvy motion, which shows how wide spread this creature is, and showing how there is no escaping it.

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The Great Land Serpent
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