The extraordinarily horrible Robot

It was my mate’s birthday. He was going to turn 14. I wanted to get him something really special because I have known him since we were two years old. My mum told me that we were both born in the same hospital in London but then we moved to Germany because my dad had had found a really good job.
After a couple of years my mum got bored and couldn’t take anymore of where she lived and told dad that she wanted to go back to London because she preferred it there and she knew more people. They both had a massive argument and stopped talking for weeks and weeks but eventually my dad apologised to mum and told her to move back into London and that he’ll supply us with money and everything we need and he’ll visit us once in a while. They promised each other that they’ll write to each other every other week.
Eventually mum found a job at an office, she was this mans secretary. This man was no ordinary man he scared me a little. He seemed really weird. He would always mutter something to mum every time he saw me it really freaked me out. As time went by my mum started to talk about dad less and she stopped replying to all his mail. I was really worried about her and really felt sorry for dad.

Eventually mum phoned him, I had just walked home from a long boring, bad day from school and I was just about to slam the front door when I heard mums voice “Harry, listen to me this is really not going to work out……….” I stood silent for a minute. I silently shut the front door and walked closer to the kitchen. Then I heard my mum speak again, “listen, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I mean……….. um… oh I can’t do this” then she slammed the phone down and ran out the room crying. I was thinking to myself oh mum ‘what have you done you poor silly woman’. I was really surprised of what just happened and couldn’t even get myself to comfort her, it was like I wanted her to suffer for what had just happened.
I walked upstairs really slowly trying to process through my mind what had just happened when I heard my mum sobbing and speaking to someone. I was thinking who the hell is she talking to or is my mum just beginning to go mad. I crept up to her room, her door was slightly ajar and I peeked through and jumped back in surprise and gasped. I ran to my room and slammed the door shut. My windows rattled for 2mins straight. I jumped on my bed and covered my head under the pillow and let out my anger and cried all night. I must have dosed off.
When I woke up I peered at my clock sleepily, it showed 08:59. I jumped out o bed and quickly slipped my school uniform and gathered my books and went to run out my door when something threw my door open and started walking towards me with its arms outstretched and covered in a cloth hiding its identity.
It was about knee high and scared the living daylights out of me. It picked up my baseball bat and held it in the swinging position and turned round and walked back towards me raising the bat as it closer. It was only a few inches away when I opened my mouth to scream. Nothing came out and the thing just swung for me. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain.
After a few seconds I opened my eyes again and saw my mum and Steve (my mums boss) standing by the doorway in the same clothes they were in yesterday with a very large grin on their faces. That was another thing I forgot about ‘what the hell is he doing still here from last night’.
Mum tells me that she and dad broke up because dad didn’t care for them anymore. I know that wasn’t the truth but played along with it. I know it was really Steve who made her do it. That’s why he was in her room that day.
I forgot about the whole thing and Steve told me he bought the robot for me as a present to show me that he will look after me really well. I just nodded and didn’t smile. I think he got the picture and he just said to me ‘if you need anything just ask’, and then he went. I was playing with the robot that day after school and I put the controller down and turned round to go on the internet on my computer when a heard a funny, whirring sound just like my………………………ROBOT!!!
I turn around and the robot was on my desk, and I left him on the floor. I screamed at the top of my pitch and nobody came. Everyone had gone out, I assumed. I picked up the robot and threw it across the room the leg and arm fell off. I left it there and fell asleep.
I got up the next morning and remembered it was Jamie’s birthday. He was my best friend. I forgot to get him a present. He was going to be mad at me when I got into school. After I got change and had my breakfast I went up to pick up my bag and as I stepped into my room I heard a crunch. I looked down and I saw that I had just broken the other leg. I looked at the robot and it gave me an idea.
I went into school with a large box wrapped in read wrapping paper. I gave it to Jamie and I never saw him smile so much in his life. He thanked me and invited me for a sleepover that night. I delightfully said of course.
I got home from school and there was a note on the kitchen table written by mum saying that she has gone away on an emergency business meeting and that she won’t be back for a couple of days. I didn’t think much of it.
I made my way over to Jamie’s and I could swear that something was following me. I turned round every now and then but all I could see was my shadow. I got to his doorstep and I pressed the doorbell relieved that I made to his house without any trouble. Jamie’s dad answered it gave me a smile and took my bags an told me that mum phoned asking If I could stay round Jamie’s for a few days still she gets back. I knew Jamie’s family wouldn’t say no.
They thanked me for the present I gave Jamie and he came running down the stairs and gave me a hug and thanked me as well. I started to blush in front of his parents. We went upstairs and as I got into his room I heard his doorbell ring. I went to answer it but his mum said she’ll get it. As she opened the door Jamie’s dad asked who it was and before I could hear her reply Jamie cranked his music up. I ignored what happened and had fun in his room.
I asked Jamie what he thought of his present. He told me he loved it but he had a funny look on his face like he was trying to change the subject. I asked him where it was and he said his dad put it in the attic because it seemed violent. I asked him to get it. Jamie said that he’ll get into trouble but he said he’ll get it anyway.
I waited for him for 20mins and he didn’t return. I went to his attic and he wasn’t there. I saw blood trails on the floor and I was really frightened. I followed them and they leaded to the kitchen. I entered slowly and peered through. I stood in silence and screamed as I saw Jamie’s mum, dad and Jamie all in a pile with vicious stab marks in their bodies. I turned away to run and I saw, I wasn’t sure if I was looking at it…………. The robot was alive. It started moving towards me wit a butcher’s knife in its hand and it stopped.
Someone entered the room behind it with a hooded cloak. He looked up at me and smile. I could only see his mouth. He let out a evil laugh and said “now I can have your mum all to myself” and laughed continuously and the robot through the knife and it went right through my heart and just as I was closing my eyes, the figure unmasked itself……….. “Steve……….” I said before I crashed to the ground. Then my eyes shut.

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The extraordinarily horrible Robot
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