The Castle

Blue collar Kerrigan home, is filled with love as well as pride for their modest lifestyle, but their happiness is threatened when developers attempt the compulsory acquisition of their house to expand the neighbouring Melbourne Airport. 3 high view crescent, Coolaroo – not aesthetically pleasing ‘eyesore’ opening shot shows sense of pride (satire) Despite all this, sweet-natured family patriarch Darryl (Michael Caton) believes that he lives in the lap of luxury. Blissfully unaware of his family’s lack of style or sophistication, he busies himself by driving a tow truck, racing greyhounds and constantly adding tacky renovations to the house.
Kerrigan clan shares and supports his enthusiasm in every way. Though he has no wish to sell, points out faults of the house with pride, believing they would add value. Iconic Australian film, Title – Castle; home figuratively castle, humble household cause humour, Genre – humorous, comedy, satire (mock/ ridicule something), Kerrigans – main family, Working class family, Low budget film, Melbourne setting next to airport – house built on toxic landfill, beneath power lines.
Events told by son Dale Kerrigan p. o. , Australian culture/ identity, Made in 1997 Rob Sitch, Michael Caton father, Stephen Curry son, Humour: created by self-image of Australians – blue collar workers – concept of working class Aus and their place modern Australia, Refers to land rights movement of aboriginals, Darryl Kerrigan draws on explicit parallel between his struggle and the Aboriginal people Mabo case Main Ideas/ Themes;

Justice, Class division, Inequality, Family, Marginalisation of working class by large corporate groups, Value of memories and place as opposed to monetary value, Man’s struggle for equality and justice, Exploitation of disempowered groups (working class) by the empowered group, A satirical view of suburban working class life – home is where the heart is.
Importance of family and community, unity, comment on the fabric of Australian society, A home is a place of belonging – we find our home most when we lose it, represent self identity An idiosyncratic (habits peculiar to them) and loving family who face the challenges presented by ‘compulsory acquisition’ house gets taken forcefully, Identity of working class family and their triumph at conquering the system, Humour created by what is described and what we actually see on the screen – tells us how marvellous when really it isn’t yet so serious when describing it.
Aussie battler, working class, constructed through Darryl, Mateship, ommunity spirit (looking after Jack who is vulnerable), Outdoors, Bonnie Doon, nature, holidays, Sport, fishing shots of father and son, Myths – Australia is an egalitarian (not equal) society, Xenophobia – fear of foreigners through Lebanese neighbour, Urban warrior – fight for rights, justice, Tall poppy syndrome – one thinks is better than the rest , Myth of lucky country – disempowered by their ethnicity and age, Jack and Farouk, value; home, sense of place, respect, trust loyalty Construction of Aussie Battler; Plight of working class;
Exploitation of working class by gov’t and large corporations, Challenges to authority, Uncovering the myth of the egalitarian society (not equal) Representation of setting; Bonnie Doon; Small town, on big lake, holiday home ‘serenity’ escape from life, stillness, quiet, desolate, barren, powerlines, insect-zapper-ironic-noisy, Images family bonding – gender representation, Simplicity of family – easily satisfied Representation of Setting – City scrapers; Canberra: high camera angles, tall city building, symbolism of power, imposing, sombre, grey, foreboding, ominous.
Contrast to Bonnie Doon and high view crescent Courtroom: positioning on judge-elevated to establish power. Darryl down below signalling disempowerment. Sterile, very formal. Symbolises authority, justice, truth. Hammill says it ‘should be fair. ’ Difference in class structure evident through discourse, responses, Dennis Denuto’s office: lacks professionalism, small, claustrophobic, photocopier doesn’t work, messy, disorganised. City Street: “cheap smokes” on sign, written code, busy, claustrophobic, noise, a contrast to their suburb Dennis supporting Lawrence Hammill; Clearly Dennis doesn’t understand the complexities of the crown court and he attempts to mirror the actions of the defence lawyer, Humour vs. Satire – criticising and making fun of.
Lawrence Hammill; Represents character who is prepared to take on the establishment , we warm to him because he doesn’t do it for personal gain, He fulfils the stereotype of his gender and class, being old and wise, His wisdom allows “the battler” or “working man” to take on bureaucracy, His skilful argument allows justice and humility to prevail therefore and as an audience we quickly warm to those positive attributes of his character.
We are impressed by his honesty, dignity and the friendship and support he offers the Kerrigan family The Ending; An archetypal happy ending, we begin the scene as outsides viewing the party from the outside the house, the shot framed by the window, The arration from Dale describes the occasion as “one of the biggest party’s ever that night back at home”, It is important in the context of the film, that, despite the large amount of people the party should be held in home that is the central contention of the film.
Con’s dialogue with Dennis adds humour to the scene when he says that: “this case has totally regained my faith in the legal system”, After this story board we could consider th representation of the Australian family Recurring figure in Australian films; “Typical” Aussie bloke reflected in the behaviour of the male characters in this scene. Darryl takes on the traits of the bush myth – he values mateship, despises authority, bureaucratic institutions and snobbery

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