The Business Of Administrative Service

The administrative service provider offer many types of services and most of these services are payroll services like direct deposit, tax filing services, custom and tankard reports, new hiring reporting, employee attendance and time, expense reporting, wage garnishment and unemployment control of cost. The business of administrative service purveying is getting popularity in developed countries as it saves the client from many risk related to administration and human resources management.
Task 1 An explanation of the different administrative services offered or potentially offered by your company. There are many administrative services which are being offered by administrative management to deferent people and different organizations. These revise are clerical services, distribution of information services, supervising Junior staff, record keeping, management of mails and emails, diary management, supporting meetings, events and conferences, payroll management, reception duties, customer services and premises management.
All these different administrative services are being provided by my company but there are some important services are mostly offered to all clients which are generally firms and organizations. The important administrative services which are offered by the company are to provide services to the organizations in keeping their records through the provision of Meany’s expert employees.

Second administrative service which Is provided by the company Is supporting for events, meeting and conferences management to the companies on their important occasions along with this service a related service Is also offered to our clients which is reception duties and these duties are performed by the employees of the company (Atari and Juan-Epola, 2007). An analysis of the knowledge and skills required to be effective in administrative support services. There are many characteristics and skills are required for being an effective administrative manager.
The administrative manager must have some unique skills and knowledge which can support In administrative management services. The administrative manager must possess these essential skills such as communication skills, information technology knowledge and skills, customer services skills, organization management skills and time management skills along with high a reasonable knowledge and qualification. Communication skill is very significant for the administrative as it is needed at the time of dealing with clients and serving the clients when contract Is finalized.
Customer service knowledge and skill Is for the abilities and skills of satisfactory services it means he has potential for improving and enhancing the administrative management business and he has ability to become an asset for the company. This age is called information technology age, and every business cannot be successful in the market without the use of information technology so it is necessary for an administrative service manager to have knowledge and skills of information technologies.
In administrative management, time management is an essential element as without time management an administrative management business cannot be run so time management skill must be possessed by an administrative manager (Chem. and Macaque, 2010). An explanation of the challenges presented when offering administrative support to different managers in different organizations During administrative management, there are many stages or situations which are challenging or become challenge for some administrative managers.
These challenges are not common for all administrative managers because of different situations faced by them and owing to their knowledge and skills as some managers can tackle a situation very easily cause of their knowledge and skills while some manager may have trouble to solve common or light problems which result in a challenge for them. Generally administrative manager face such challenges like managing particular needs of different managers, adapting different management styles, using of technology for streamlining the processes and planning and proportioning.
Different managers’ needs different skills for overcoming the challenges and these managers are different in dealing or managing each situation or challenge. There is a need of adoption of different management styles by the administrative managers in different situations ND challenges as sometimes aggressive style is needed for facing the challenge or it autocratic management style as most of the manager use this style but in many case permissive management style is more supportive to face and overcome challenges effectively.
Planning and proportioning is an important challenges for the managers as it is essential for the manager to plan first according to priority of tasks and then implement their plans to counter the challenge and for this purpose they must use technology for streamlining their planning implementation processes (Martinez et al. , 2010).
An explanation of the legal requirements relevant to administrative services There are many legal requirements for administrative management or administrative services such as an administrative manager must follow the data protection act, employment legislation, health and safety at work act and display screen equipment regulations and so on which are related to administration of work and human resources.
The administrative manager must follow the data protection act and according to data protection act he must us data lawfully and fairly, he must not keep data for longer unnecessary, data must be kept under safety and security, data must to be transferred outside the United Kingdom without proper protection and he must use data in such a way which is relevant and adequate.
According to employment legislation he must follow all laws and regulations about employees such as the employment rights act, the sex discrimination act, the equal pay act, the race relationship act, the disability discrimination act, the national minimum wage act, the working time directive and the employment relations act (Tike, 1997) The follow all legal requirements described in these acts related to administrative services.
The administrative manager must also follow the health and safety at work etc act and he should provide a safer and sound place to his clients and employees, the place must be free from all types of hazards or pollution. The dangerous or inflammable material must not be used at workplace or at the place where services are being provided to companies or individual customers. In a nut shell, it is very important and necessary for the administrative service providers or administrative managers to follow all laws, act or regulation related or relevant to their field or business (Martinez et al. , 2010).
Task 2 A—A letter to the plumber in which you provide an evaluation of different filing systems and proposal for the type you will use. To, Plumber Subject: evaluation of filing systems and proposal The record management is important tools for any organization whether; it is big or small because through it the management of the company can keep their well- wishers close to them. Different companies are using different filing systems through which they remember all the contacts whether those are based on the customers, suppliers, administration or competitors; these filing systems are Alphabetical Filing
System, Numeric Filing System, Terminal Digit Filing System and Alphanumeric Filing System. For the purpose of providing information and keeping accurate records, the administration of the company propose alphanumeric filing system; because through this, plumber can maintain the files with alphabet letters and numbering of clients. For maintaining filing system, there is need to use two alphabets along with numbers which signify the state of clients and this follow the account number as well. This is the easier presorting when there is need to pull out a large quantity of files through name location.
Through this filing system the records remain complete and accessible as compared to changes in the organization, personnel and record keeping. It will helpful for plumber because it minimize times which might be wasted in searching information. You’re sincerely, Set up an electronics filing system for the plumber with files and folders as appropriate to hold information on: For any business the organization is the key. It does not matter who the person is instead of it, it is important to have good organizational skills especially when the company has to deal with the organization.
With the help of computers the companies maintain the data and made electronic filing systems. Easiest and the most common used electronic filing system is the disk filing systems which is used by organizations for maintenance of data. The disk drives can be attached part of computer and detached as well as plugged in to use on any computer. The programs are stored on the computers disk drives. Cad’s and DVD’s are used and created for using the data obtained from the disk drivers.
It will be easier for the plumber to maintain the data as compared to any other complicated system. For setting up the information for plumber, the company focuses on the following steps so that the electronic filing system set and run in future by the plumbers to maintain Create and maintain electronic folder that hold others related to set of information which the company used to organize After that the company maintains the suborders to bring and highlight the distinguishing the customers details suppliers details, prices, products, employees details.
So that plumber and its management will not find the all the information within Just one folders without making its sections The company also set the files of the folders according to years so that it will be easier for the plumber to find out the exact data of year which it needs to know about kind of information such as employees, or products features. Dates wills make the data more specific and particular as compared to other files and folders so that the plumber can maintain and find the information quickly; so the arrangement of files will be chronologically.
After maintenance of data electronically, the most important thing is to save them I the files too disk which must be after every three o four weeks By eliminating this clutter, it will be easier for you to use the filing system more efficiently because when the business is growing the number of customers, employees, contacts are also increased (Aka;n et al. , 2004). C—The plumber holds stock in a small warehouse.
He often runs out of items and needs to implement a stock control system Through the effective control system, the plumber can minimize the effects of problems in the supply chains as well as it prevents capital being tied up along with excessive stock. The plumber is already suffering room the “run out of items” and due to this reason he needs cooperation from us to implement the stock control system. For this, company suggested important procedure which is helpful for him to shorten problems.
For this purpose, there is need to make identification in inventory along with most recent price paid for products so that management system can perform inventory valuation calculations. The main stock of plumber is based on the raw material which is ready to use for the final production. The batch control system is best suited for the stock control systems cause through this, plumber can manage raw material in batches and count the right numbers of components to cover the needs of next batch. There is need to focus on the fixed quantity and the fixed interval for next batch.
A full audit is conducted on all products in stock along with most recent price paid for product. Furthermore, verification of product entries will be done through the double checked entry system. Last but not least, the plumber must train the employees for controlling inventory system because it is most important all the employees know how to control the stock through batch system (Ballard, 1996). C)—Provide templates for purchasing system that the plumber can use to record and manage purchases.
Make some example entries to demonstrate its use Date: 6 June 2013 Serial number: TO Customer # Terms Sales persons Consignment/Ship week of Order # Delivery Via Routing Please send the following items as specified Item Quantity Description Unit price Unit count Total amount Total *tax rate *others G. Total Special instructions Date Approval signature Title The current template provides the easiest solution for creation and printing a purchase order. So, the plumber must customize spread sheet for the business wrought adding billing and shipping information.
After that there is need to save the copy of POP file and email file to the suppliers. Through accurate bookkeeping and records, the profitability of the firm can be determined and calculated easily. Furthermore, it is also helpful to provide Inland revenues Division along with necessary information to file a tax return for furnishing the relevant information when business after one year will be audited. Task 3 A—Your client wants you to provide her with a plan for meeting. You should provide A proposal local venue and cost Proposed catering and cost
Proposed date and timings An invitation for the branch managers TO, Branch managers, Subject: arrangement of meeting, venue and timing Due to some concerns which are related to local problems while conducting a business; you have asked to arrange the meeting for the discussion and to find out the solutions so that the business cannot suffer through any kind of recession in future. For this purpose the Hollowly is the good revenues which have capacity of more than 40 members within a hall and have a very sufficient pricing. This venue is near to our offices; so it cannot waste our time.
The prices are range from the $ 22 per hour along with all kinds of good services such as catering and others. The meeting will take 4 to 5 hours and due to this the amount will be $100 including taxes. Hollowly was arranging the event since the establishment and providing the efficient services such as food, audio visual equipment, personnel and presentation facilities. According to arrangement of venues the timing and the dates will be next weekend 12 June, 2013 on 1:00 pm. So, it is requested to all of branch managers to come and provide your suggestions related to company concerns and issues.
You’re rule, B—Prepare the necessary papers for meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to report on sales in branches and on local conditions affecting sales in branches. The managers will also discuss measures to improve sales. You must provide An agenda: Currently, the agenda of meeting is about the company which is reducing day by day. The sales graph of the company instead to growing steadily is now taking the curves which are not a sufficient condition for the company. No doubt, several external factors are affecting the business such as globalization, technology, and economy of state.
Date: June, 2013 Time: 1 to 3:00 Purpose: The purpose of this meeting is to implementation of some recommendations Invitees Name Contact Capacity [Derek Whether] EMail, cell # Management office or program/ host Agenda Reduction of sales Recommendations Discussion Reduction of sales and appropriate recommendations The register of attendees will be done from 8 to 10 June in official hours. For the attendance registration, contact at main branch office of company, so that no one will find any I convinces at the day of meeting.
C—Your client has provided her current policies and procedures for setting up meetings or events. Carry out an analysis of these in order to assess their effectiveness. The analysis of meeting is based on the policies and procedure based on setting up events and meetings. The entire analysis is based on: Determine meeting times Contact each attendee Confirm date Find a venue for the meeting or event Send a reminder Use meeting planner electronically Enter names Enter details & Send invite The client will check all the arrangements even timing, start time, make meetings etc. wrought this the client want to assess how well the meeting will go and is there any kinds of hurdles which can create the problems in meeting. C)—Recommend these. When arranging the meeting at the large level there is need to make lists and highlight all the steps which can be taken for arrangement of functions. Furthermore, the reminder is the most important aspect which the arranger should not forget. For avoiding the in-convinces, two or three members must at the venue before the meeting timing start and provide the contact numbers to all the members of meetings so that they can contact in situation of difficulty.
Task 4 An evaluation of the suitability and effectiveness of different communication systems or the estate agent For any business, the communication is an important factor through which the company can gain the success or can loss different relationships within the business. Furthermore, the effective communication can play an important role in the life business through marketing the products and services. As the real estate agent are the person who is arranging the selling, renting and management of properties and other buildings.
The estate agents is selling and purchasing the properties and keeping 2 to 3% value of money against the efforts. Most of the times hat happens in the real estate’s transaction when the agent boils it down to the root then it is called communication for the estate transactions. For the real estate business and agent the communication systems and the skills play important role and it requires study and practice.
The most important and suitable communication system for the real estate business is the telephonic system through which provide cost effective business phone solutions for the real estate industry. Most of the sales persons are relying on the mobile phones because for them it is essential that are intractable all the times through mobile, PDA, or online mode of communication. The mobile of sales persons is integrated through office telephones which allow them to work like a single network.
Through the telephonic communication, the customer’s enquiries can be intelligently routed through office to mobile or sales persons with the help of single numbers. The real estate agent use telephonic communication and builds loyalty with agency as compared to individual persons to ensure customers attended to promptly. Mobile workforce is the key in gaining a competitive edge. Due to globalizes businesses and the globalizes trading, internet is playing an important role in the business life of real estate business.
The agent can advertise and communicate through mentioning all the features on internet (Citations, et al. , 2009). An analysis of the role of technology in supporting effective communication in the state agency Technology plays an important role in the life of business. Technology has altered modern life in the various ways especially at the workplace like estate agency. The inventions of computers and the electronics miniaturization s well as the development of wireless communication have altered the entire business world.
The business communication has shown the advancement due to the development in the technologies. The biggest advancement of the communication system is based on the mobile and the cellular phones. In past people remain in the contact with their employees and peers when they are at their desks or seats. Now the workers of the agency or the company are reachable through the mobile and cellular phones and even in the non -working hours as well (Eng et al. , 2003). The development of Semaphore’s also expanded the business rustically and immensely.
The employees in the real estate’s can also use video and conference and the telecommunication, company can save the money, share the data and interact with the customers through use of technology. In our present society, communications technology is never “off’ in the same way that it used to be only a few decades before. While people can elect individually to participate with the technology, the public/private boundary has become very hard to differentiate. Cell phones, which allow people to connect to the internet, are designed to remain receptive to messages unless their battery has died.
The natural human urge to connect with others is now a constant option, instead of an occasional luxury. Through this the employees can convince the customers, and other agents who also increase the profitability and revenue of the company (Anonymous, 2004) Conclusion It can be conclude that the administrative services are very beneficial for the business or client of these services. But it is necessary for the provider of administrative services to know all the pros and cons of such services and he also must know about that what type of services can be provided by him.
He also possess he necessary skills and knowledge , he must know about the challenges presented in the way of provision of services and he also familiar with the rules, regulations and laws about the administrative services. He must know how to correspondence with others along with the electronic filing system, and inventory control system for the clients. He must also know about writing of proposal, preparing of necessary papers for meetings, making of meeting reports and he must have know how about communication and communication systems and role of technology in effective communication.

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