The battle between religios

Christianity vs. Judaism Did you know that Christianity evolved from Judaism? In fact in the Old Testament, which is part of the Bible, were the words of the Jews (Southwick). You may have never heard of Judaism because it is such a little religion that not many people practice. Although Judaism is such a small religion it means a lot, without it there would not be Christianity! Therefore, there are many similarities between Christianity and Judaism; however, there are also many differences. Christianity is the largest religion in the entire world, 32. of are world’s population is Christian (Southwick). There are also thousands of different types of Christianity. As of right now there are about 33,820 “sub” religions, Catholic being the biggest with about 1,050,000,000 members (Wikipedia). Think about that, over 1/7 of the world is made up of Catholics. Christianity is one of many monotheistic religions meaning they believe in one god and that goes by the name of Jesus. Jesus is actually of three people; God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. They call this trinity which is a group of three people or things.
Most Christians go to church very Sunday for about an hour and listen to the stories of God read out of the Bible. On the night before Christmas and the day of Christmas people usually go to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christianity is not a very extensive religion compared to most, there are very few requirements. The only thing you really need to do is believe in God/Jesus and you also must be baptized. This is probably why it is such a large religion. Unlike Christianity, Judaism is not a very large religion. Only 0. 2% of the world’s population s made up of this religion.
Compared to 32. 5% (Christian population) 0. 2% is not very much. This religion started in a place called Canaan and now a days Judaism is mainly practiced in Israel. Dissimilar to Christianity, 52% of Jews do not believe in gods. Appose to what most Christians think, most Jews do not thing God was the messiah. The sacred text of the Jews goes by the name of the Torah, which are the first five books of the Old Testament. The Torah was given to the people by God. Judaism is also a monotheistic religion. Jews did not eat shellfish or meat.
All of their meat had to be kosher. A big part of the Jews faith is to respect your elders! If you disrespected your parents they would have the right to beat you. One of the mail holidays in the religion is Hanukkah and is celebrated during the month of December. There are far more requirements to the religion which is probably why there are very few people that are a part of the religion. Because Christianity came from Judaism there will be many similarities but since Christianity started a lot have things have changed making it different from Judaism.
One thing they have in common is that they both follow the Ten Commandments. They also both attend church and read out of the holy book. The Bible includes the first five books of the Old Testament which makes up the Torah. A major difference is the majority Jews do not believe Jesus Christ was the messiah. On the contrary; Christians believe that Jesus is the messiah. Jews pray to Jehovah. Also Jews has different main day of worship then Christians. The Jews main day of worship is on Saturday oppose to Christians which is on Sunday. the battle between religios By noahwatsonl

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The battle between religios
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