Tesco background

Tesco is a retailing industry, its headquarters are in Cheshunt, Brouxbourne, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. It has 5,380 stores, located in USA, UK, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, India, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan, South Korea, Ireland, and Czech Republic. They sell groceries, consumer goods, financial services and telecoms.
Customer service is a service that Tesco provides so if their customers are having any problems, complains, complaints or need help they can go to the customer service and someone will help them. This also helps Tesco to know what they have to improve, and increases their sales as well, because if a customer is happy with their service the customer will come back, and recommend to friends or family too. They also get more motivated staff, because without complains and working in a calm place no one gets angry and stressed.
I have chosen 3 different types of customers, and each of them has different needs and expectations. A family with little kids shopping for the week would need big trolleys with baby/little kid seat, someone to scan the things and someone to help them packing up. They also expect the staff to be friendly and polite. A businessman would want a quick service, maybe he is looking for something quick and easy to eat, or stationary of good quality. A member of staff, like a check out assistant, would expect their manager to be polite and helpful, and if they are having any problems they expect the manager to help them quickly with it.

There are 2 different types of customers in Tesco, internal and external. Internal customers are people that work in Tesco, but have the same needs and expectations as an external. A internal customer expects their managers, team leaders or supervisors to treat them with respect and also give them advice if they need. External customers are people that are visiting the business, e.g.: family. They expect the staff to be respectful, friendly, quick service, and helpful.
Tesco needs to be reliable and accurate. They need to give accurate information e.g.: labelled aisles, so the customers know where everything is, information of their opening times. And they need to be reliable e.g.: give the right change to the customer, and as they work with baking services as well, they need to make sure that the money is secure so people can trust them.
Tesco provides information and advice on their website, staff, helpline and leaflets.
Tesco staff provides good help and assistance to their customers depending on their needs. If they have a disabled costumer, they will need disabled parking, maybe a ramp, different types of trolleys, bigger toilets and someone to help them packing. Tesco staff is trained to respond positively to this special needs.
If there are any problems a member of staff will give advice to the customer, e.g.: a customer is not finding an item. There are other situations that the staffs is not able to help the customer so the help of a supervisor or manager will be needed. E.g.: someone is trying to steal, wrong change or refund.
Tesco targets to meet so they can see how well they are doing. Some of these targets are to sell a certain amount of things, the checkout assistants have a target of how quick they need to scan things or how many things they scan per minute, their queues can’t be too big, and also keep the amount of complains low. By these they can see what needs to be improved and they are doing well.
Health and safety is a really important thing, because internal and external customers have their expectations about it. Internal customers expect their work space to be clean, and the shop to be safe. External customers expect the shop to be clean; the staff looks tidy and hygienic, and be safe while they are shopping. Both internal and external customers can have the same needs and expectation about security, like if the fire alarm goes on, the staff should have been trained to guide their customers outside to a safe place. This helps Tesco to be more reliable and their customers will go back there.
Providing an excellent customer service is good for Tesco, their staff and their customers. It benefits Tesco because their reputation and image is continually enhanced, more customers are attracted by word-of-mouth and Tesco doesn’t need to advertise, and feedback from regular customers provides information of what to improve.
It benefits the customers because the whole experience of shopping in Tesco is pleasant and enjoyable, the customer feels valued and important because the staff is helpful, customer can rely on Tesco every time because they provide good service, customer is confident about the purchase and the items bought, they can have a refund if there’s something wrong and there is less need to “shop around” in the future.
It benefits the staff because there won’t be any complaints because the staff is motivated and friendly with the customers, and meeting their targets they will be praised for it and will work happier, and also there is no stress. Read about Tesco Legal Structure
Overall I think that Tesco provides a good customer service, because they know how to meet all the different types of customers’ needs and expectations. Tesco staff are informed about their products and services so they know what to do if a customer’s asks them about it or they need help. Tesco makes sure that they are meeting all their targets so, for example, their customer’s don’t have to wait a long time in queues and get angry. Doing these both, internal and external customers are happy and this benefits the organisation, because they will have no complains, they will have more customers coming in and will make higher profits.

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