Technology Management Assignment

The emergence of new technologies has made a big impact on business management. Technology applications have been proven to enhance the acquisition of information and resources. Technology has also become an important element in decision making and product innovation. As such, without technology management, organizations cannot survive in the current business environment.
Technology management has also been proven as a key component in the creation of wealth. Therefore, the management of technology, especially for technology intensive firms, is essential for their survival and to maintain their competitive advantage.

Technology management is a multi-disciplinary field, which works as a bridge between engineering and business disciplines. The importance of technology management cannot be overlooked. In recent years, all leading developments in the global business environment are the result of the application of technology management (Khalil, 2000).
Technology management is related to innovation (Mortar et al., 2009). In the current business and technological environment, corporations and SMEs must be able to adapt and evolve if they want to survive and expand their business. The ability and willingness to change is essential to survive in today’s highly competitive environment. As such, innovation has become an important aspect in the culture of an organization and is seen as a driving force in achieving growth (Trott, 2005). Innovation, in turn, is recognized as one of the results of efficient technology management.
Technology management is a dynamic tool that can be utilized for various industries, both in the private and government sectors. The education sector is one of the areas where technological improvement is needed. This can be achieved through the use of online learning software and other related tools. Online learning communities are a growing feature in the landscape of educational technology. These tools and technology-oriented software are the key improvements in the education system and this has been proven with the passage of time (Herrington & Oliver, 2000)
This essay analyses Pakistan’s education market to find the gaps in the use of technology in the country’s education sector. To illustrate the importance of technology management, the essay also discusses its application in relation to the development of new software targeted for the education sector in Pakistan. The development of the new software is carried out with the guidance of an appropriate technology oriented-business model and business plan. This is done to minimize the risk and uncertainty involved in the product development process.
Literature Review
Benefits of Technology Management

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Technology Management Assignment
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