Team Building

You will submit an essay titled Team Building at ________. The final essay will be multiple pages and include four different components. Each unit, you will complete an additional component/concept for the final essay. The final essay will not be simply adding the four components together but will be a culmination of lessons learned in creating each component. In Unit IV, you wrote an essay analysis of your current work environment titled Team Building at _____: My Analysis. For Unit V, you submitted an essay titled Team Building at ________: Who We Are. The essay you submitted in Unit VI was titled Team Building at _____: Dealing With Change. Now in Unit VII, you will bring your efforts all together. Using the data you collected in your Unit IV, Unit V, and Unit VI assignments, write your culminating four-page essay titled Team Building at ______: Past, Present, and Future. This is a final analysis and action plan for your place of employment. DO NOT USE YOUR PREVIOUS ESSAYS WORD FOR WORD. Use those essays as part of the overall analysis and as a planning tool—they are research tools. Combining all the content from your Unit IV, Unit V, and Unit VI essays, provide the reader with your responses to the following points: A detailed description of your work environment, leadership, strengths, and weaknesses. An overview of past events or decisions that resulted in the current internal culture around teamwork. A description of how your place of employment is different today from what it was like five years ago? Ten years ago? When it was founded? You may not have been with the organization at that time, so this becomes an important exercise to learn about the culture of your work place. Construct a detailed action plan to alter the organization’s approach to teamwork. Use your analysis and description of the workplace to frame changes which can help improve the approach to teamwork and the inner workings of building professional teams. Break down the action plan into the following steps: a. action step, b. rationale for the step, c. process to be used (provide details on how each step will be implemented), d. intended audience, e. timeline, f. who is responsible to complete this step, g. who makes up the team to support this initiative (and their role), and h. indicators of success. How will we know our efforts have been successful? Some learners may opt to create a matrix while others may choose to complete this part of the essay using narrative. Be sure to use traditional essay structure: introductory paragraph, several paragraphs in the body of the essay, a solid concluding paragraph and a list of references. Use APA guidelines for all your in-text citations and reference listings. 

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Team Building
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