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EZEKIEL BRUSAS . PRINCESS PALLASIGUE . REAGIME RUFINO . DAILENE MAE SANCHEZ Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort Table of Contents I. Introduction3 II. Company Profile6 III. Products and Services Offered9 IV. Management and Staff Awareness21 V. Hotel and Resort Analysis31 VI. Recommendations34 VII. References36 VIII. Attachments37 I. INTRODUCTION With technology getting obsolete by the seconds, one wonders if there is any relevance to the future. Especially for the trendy hospitality industry, where the race is to compete in fulfilling guest expectations. These expectations are related to the product, its character and personality.
Hotel and resort chains spend a tremendous amount of time and money in researching user-friendly technology to remain competitive. Hotels and resorts are going hi-tech in every area of guest experience. A quick review of the use of technology in hotels and resorts reveals an interesting conclusion. Hotels, which do not keep pace with technology, may lose their guest base while at the same time, a traveler who does not keep himself updated with technology may feel out of place in hi-tech hotels. Most city hotels are well equipped with latest, state of the art technology.
The future hotels might see hotel rooms with much more advanced technology. For example, hotels are now adopting biometrics technology. This technology uses voice, fingerprints or retina scan for personal identification, replacing the room key and combination safe in the rooms. One has to glare at the door to get it opened or, touch the biometric sensor to open the safe. Practically all good hotels have high definition television sets, but with the advent of 3D revolution, hotels will have to switch to new technology sooner than later. The same technology will also be useful for telephonic and video conferencing.

Touch screen telephones, compressor free mini bars, in-room environment control, electronic do not disturb signs etc, have now become as part of granted features in the rooms. The introduction of Control4 is going to further revolutionize the hotel systems. Imagine walking to the door of the room, the system detects the person, turns on the lights, TV, sets temperature of the room, and awaits guest’s arrival at the door. The TV starts to play a welcome message or introduces the room features as they enter the room. The system also manages the wakeup call and do not disturb process.
Future hotels are going to use room window glass as a TV screen. A switch will make the glass opaque and a projection system from the ceiling will start your favorite program on the screen with surround sound digital speakers. Today, hotels offer high-speed wireless broadband internet connectivity in the rooms with interface to the TV. Some hotels however, offer wireless internet in the entire hotel, in every nook and corner. One can use the laptop anywhere. Hotels also offer color-printing facilities from the laptop at a central printer in the Business Center.
Room motion sensors detect motion and body temperature, and set the room parameters to suit your body needs. If no motion is detected beyond a specified period, it turns off the air-conditioning, lights and TV. Timer settings are crucial for success of this system. For those who need to relax their muscles, hotels offer an electric massage chair in the rooms. No need to go to the spa for time strapped guests needing a quick fix. For satisfying a demanding hi-tech traveler, the art is to anticipate needs and tailor the product with such elements that satisfies these needs and wants.
A few years back an hotelier could not have imagined a guest carrying his virtual office in his laptop, or his music collection in his i-Pod or MP3. Well, today he does. Hotels are therefore providing connectivity of these gadgets to the TV and sound system. Hotels are also providing connectivity cable to connect digital camera to the TV. The guest can view the quality of pictures in the privacy of his room. The bathrooms in hi-tech hotels are a delight to the eye and experience. Most hotels have frost-free mirrors, Multiple Volt shaver sockets, temperature controlled Jacuzzi. Rain shower and aqua massage systems.
Heated seats for water closet and bidet are provided for additional comforts. A small color TV at the foot of the Jacuzzi and extension of room telephone. What one would see in the future is that the mirror will double as a computer screen and one could watch mails while soaking in the bath tub, sounds interesting!. The biggest challenge for the hotelier is to keep pace with technology. Implement technology in a cost efficient manner and to know where to draw a line. While being Hi-Tech sounds good, the concept also has a feel good factor, one must understand what and how much should be adopted in a hotel.
Going green is another popular trend now, and not just in hospitality. But now, more than ever, resorts are jumping on the green bandwagon in a variety of ways. Be it organic sheets, using solar power or offering climate-neutral rooms, resorts are increasingly moving towards offering earth-friendly amenities. This is just a glimpse of different shades of technology being used or about to debut in hotels and resorts across the globe. The ultimate quality of the experiences and degree of satisfaction of hundreds of guests and visitors depends upon judicious and right use of technology.
The smallest glitch in the system is enough to ruin the experience. The art is to anticipate the needs of tomorrow and provide them today, leaving one to wonder what happens the day after. II. COMPANY PROFILE Company Name: Marawi Leisure Park, Inc. Establishment’s Name: Tanza Oasis Hotel & Resort Address: Km. 41 Centennial Road. Barangay Capipisa East Tanza, Cavite History In 1994, a group of Filipino and foreign investors launched a hotel in Rosario, Cavite. It was called Mount Sea Fiesta Resort, and became popular vacation spot in the Cavite area.
The resort was managed by dedicated hoteliers, and soon it expanded its services to include swimming pools, a multi-purpose recreation hall, and other guest facilities. After the success of Mount Sea Fiesta Resort, the investors decided to build a bigger accommodation facility in Tanza, Cavite. The Mount Sea Grand Resort, located on prime property in coastal Capipiza, opened its door on 2001. The resort did not succeed because it is exclusive and expensive. Resort entrance and room rates are not affordable for the locals.
In 2011, the Tanza Oasis Hotel & Resort opened its door to public. The concept is to provide a premier accommodation facility featuring refreshing seafront views and first-class hotel amenities. It aims to highlight the current globalization of business, and cater to the business people and their families, and the general public. Tanza Oasis Hotel & Resort is geared to meet the accommodation requirements of international clientele, as well as the locals. But the investors and organizers’ commitment continues to aim for perfection.
The company desires to upgrade its system, control and operations. It will become the umbrella of future accommodation properties in Luzon that will reflect the quintessential Filipino hospitality and world-class service. Company Background Vision Tanza’s Oasis Hotel & Resort aims to become the top choice among the business and leisure destinations in Cavite area. Mission Tanza’s Oasis Hotel & Resort strives to delight our guests every time they visit; and to represent the hospitality and warmth of Tanza, Cavite by providing quality service at all times. Values
Tanza’s Oasis Hotel & Resort puts respect honesty, passion, and service from the heart are foremost in its service equation. About Tanza Oasis Hotel & Resort Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort is Cavite’s only true resort destination, it offers perfect mix of exceptional resort accommodations, service, comfort and a classic Filipino hospitality. It is just one hour away from busy life of Metro Manila. Guest will discover a hotel that is modern as well as classically elegant. Tanza Oasis Hotel & Resort is owned by a corporation named, Marawi Leisure Park, Inc.
The corporation is also the owner of the Mount Sea Resorts. It is located on prime property in coastal Capipisa at Km. 41, Barangay Capipisa Tanza, Cavite. The soft opening started on March 10, 2011, and has its grand opening last March 2012. The Tanza Oasis Hotel & Resort caters to all visitors from all walks of life whether it is just a solo traveler or a couple on a honeymoon, or family in a vacation or companies for functions and meetings. These kinds of travelers will find a place to stay in the Tanza Oasis Hotel & Resort.
Although Cavite already has a few hotels and resort to its name (Island Cove, Mount Sea Fiesta Hotel and Resort, Caylabne Bay, Puerto Azul, Microtel Eagle Ridge and others), there is only one area in Cavite that is considered as the major competitor of Tanza Oasis Hotel & Resort: Tagaytay City. Small resorts and restaurant around the area of Tanza and Naic, Cavite are considered as their minor competitors. III. Products and Services Offered Throughout the year guests can enjoy all the products and services offered in Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort.
They can enjoy dipping in the pool, walking along the sea shore, sensing the touch of massage, savouring the music and drinks at the pool bar, tasting the mouth watering foods at Sagobe Cafe, relaxing stay at the hotel rooms and attending events in luxurious function rooms. Hotel facilities * Ballroom With the elegant fully carpeted ballroom and chandeliers. Sahara Ballroom lends itself to buffets or sit down dinners, as well as conferences and seminars. The kitchen provides plenty of space for the caterer of guest’s choice. Capacity for sit down dinners is 400. 500 for theatre style seating.
For convenience, it has a divider that can split the ballroom in half. This is truly Cavite’s most elegant location for any special events. * Business Center The Center provides businesses of all sizes with the office facilities and services they need to be successful. From printers, Xerox machine, Wi-Fi internet. The Center offers the highest quality business services available. * Meeting Room Whether presenting to the largest client or holding off-site company meetings, the meeting rooms are the ideal professional working environment. Hotel Services * Room service
Providing “in-room dining” in a hotel, enabling guests to choose menu items for delivery to their hotel room for consumption there. Room Service is organized as a subdivision within the Food & Beverage Department of high-end hotel and resort properties. * Body massage They offer massage service to guest in their private rooms. * Wi-Fi access The lobby area offers free access of internet. * Standby generator The hotel is equipped with standby generator in case of emergency or black out. TYPES OF ROOMS ARE: Superior Room The superior rooms are all designed for guests comfort.
With the choice of single or twin sharing beds, we have created a spacious, warm, welcoming, light and airy space for them to sleep, relax and work in. Facilities * Hot Bath * Telephone * Refrigerator * Mobile phone recharging plug * Safety deposit box * TV * Solar powered hot water system. Amenities * Shampoo and conditioner * Body soap * Hand bar soap * Toothbrush and toothpaste * Razor blade * Bath towel, face towel, hand towel * Bath mat * Slippers * Hair comb * Hair dryer * Weekday Rate-3,300. 00Weekend Rate-3,850. 00 Deluxe Room The deluxe room offers a peaceful modern vacation retreat from a busy day.
The room is spacious and has a large picture windows allowing abundant natural light. They overlook the beach and sunset. Guests can choose between one queen bed or two twin beds. Connecting door to another room is available. Facilities * Hot Bath * Telephone * Refrigerator * Mobile phone recharging plug * Safety deposit box * TV * Solar powered hot water system Amenities * Shampoo and conditioner * Body soap * Hand bar soap * Toothbrush and toothpaste * Razor blade * Bath towel, face towel, hand towel * Bath mat * Slippers * Hair comb * Hair dryer * Cotton swabs * Shower cap * Bath robe * Weekday Rate-3,850. 0Weekend Rate-4,400. 00 Junior Executive Suite The Junior Executive Suite offers a matchless vacation experience for the most discriminating traveller. This suite have a comfortable sofa and a king sized bed. Facilities * Hot Bath * Telephone * Refrigerator * Mobile phone recharging plug * Safety deposit box * TV * Solar powered hot water system Amenities * Shampoo and conditioner * Body soap * Hand bar soap * Toothbrush and toothpaste * Razor blade * Bath towel, face towel, hand towel * Bath mat * Slippers * Hair comb * Hair dryer * Cotton swabs * Shower cap * Bath robe * Weekday Rate-4,400. 0Weekend Rate-4,950. 00 Executive Suite It is ideal for individuals or couples who treasure privacy. The executive suite offers a sense of relaxation with amenities set to comfort guest’s stay, with the separate living room and guest’s toilet. The elegant and spacious one-bedroom suite provides a living space, couch, a scenic view of the beach and a bathroom with the choice of pampering steam bath or Jacuzzi. Facilities * Bath * Steam shower/jacuzzi * Telephone * Refrigerator * Mobile phone recharging plug * Safety deposit box * TV * Solar powered hot water system Amenities * Shampoo and conditioner Body soap * Hand bar soap * Toothbrush and toothpaste * Razor blade * Bath towel, face towel, hand towel * Bath mat * Slippers * Hair comb * Hair dryer * Cotton swabs * Shower cap * Bath robe * Weekday Rate-4,950. 00Weekend Rate-5,500. 00 Presidential Suite Absolutely, everything is provided in this luxurious hotel suite. Guests will enjoy panoramic views of the oasis beach and the swimming pool as well. The bar is stocked to serve the most delectable drinks. They offer spacious sleeping quarters with an En-suite bathroom. This suite consists of a master bedroom, with 3 guest bedrooms.
It has a spacious living room, theatre room, dining room and kitchen which are arranged to offer elegance and luxurious comfort with a touch of a home-like essence. Plus it has a separate guest comfort room and maid’s room. Services and facilities in your hotel suite: * Our Guest Relations Team at your service at all times * Telephone * Refrigerator * Safety Deposit Box * LCD TV in the lounge * Television in Rooms * solar powered hot water system * Kitchen with electric stove * Well-stocked mini-bar * Maids room * Laundry area * Separate guest toilet * Use of our gym for your workout Use of our business center and meeting room * Luxurious toiletries * 24 hour room service * Dry cleaning and laundry service * Wi-Fi broad band internet connection. “En-suite” usually means that the bathroom is connected to the bedroom (that is, you don’t have to go out into the hall to access it). Amenities * Shampoo and conditioner * Body soap * Hand bar soap * Toothbrush and toothpaste * Razor blade * Bath towel, face towel, hand towel * Bath mat * Slippers * Hair comb * Hair dryer * Cotton swabs * Shower cap * Bath robe * Weekday Rate-19,800. 00Weekend Rate-23,100. 00 Dinning Sagobe Cafe
The restaurant themed and elegantly design for the guests eating ambience, with proper lighting to give you a feeling of warmth and close to nature. They offer an exquisite menu inspired mainly by Filipino dishes with touch of Asian cuisine to add color and variety. They believed natural is the best, they hire only the best chefs to make sure they use only finest and natural ingredients for their enjoyment and satisfaction. The Pool Bar Relax and enjoy the sense of tranquility with drinks and snacks at the bar or served at the sun lounger by the pool. RESORT FACILITIES * Swimming Pool Resort and Recreational Facilities Basketball Court The court is available for guests who wants to play basketball. * Billiards Two billiard tables are available to be used by the guests. * Gym Hotel guest can access the gym to maintain the fitness of their bodies. * Obstacle course Team buildings and company outings will enjoy more with the use of obstacle course for their activities. * Souvenir Shop Souvenirs, snacks, swim wears, personalize items are available in the store. * Swimming pool The safari themed swimming pool is equipped with 3 exciting giant pool slides for those who want some action and play house for the kids.
It caters to all, both young and adult. * Water sports Water sports activities add value to the resort. It gives additional fun and excitement to guest. Activities included are kayaking, jet ski and zorb ball. * Beach and the sea shore Experience the cold water from the sea and the fresh breeze while walking at the shore. * Grilling station There are 3 grilling station for visitors who likes to grilled their foods. * Public sink There are 3 station of sink in the beach front. It is provided for the excursionist in the beach area. * Public Comfort rooms and Shower room
Comfort rooms and shower rooms are provided with clean water and are maintained clean and odour free. * Videoke * Volleyball ENTRANCE FEE FOR: PoolDay SwimmingNight Swimming Weekdays 6:30am-5:00pmWeekday is until 6:00-9:00pm Weekends 6:30am-5:00pmWeekends is until 6:00-10:00pm Adult RatePhp 200. 00Php 250. 00 Kiddie RatePhp 150. 00Php 200. 00 (4 feet below) Beach:Php 80. 00 (both adults and kids) Php 100. 00 (overnight rates) Cottages:Day RateOvernight Rate Mini (good for 3-10) Php 750. 00Php 1,000. 00 Mega (good for 10-12)Php 1,200. 00Php 1,500. 00 MEMBERSHIP FEE (Php 4,000. 00) Freebies: One (1) coupon of complimentary stay at our Superior Room * Two (2) coupons of Fifty percent (50%) off on one night room stay at any type of rooms * Two (2) coupons of twenty percent (20%) off on Sagobe Cafe * Five (5) coupon of Swimming Pool Pass Member’s coupons are entitled to: * 20% discount of all types of rooms (max. of 5 transactions per day) * 10% discount on Sagobe Cafe * Php 50. 00 discount on Swimming Pool Entrance (max. of 10 pax per day) * *Prices are subject to change without prior notice Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort also cater: Weddings Perhaps no day in life is more special than the wedding day.
Couples deserve to celebrate it with panache- highly elaborate. The hotel offers exquisite set menus of elegant Filipino cuisine prepared by the Executive Chef. They will make every whim and fancy come true. An enchanting and unforgettable wedding waits the guests. Debut Many great things come with turning 18, so it’s no wonder guests want to have an extraordinary party to celebrate it. The hotel and resort have a wide variety of styles and venue that the celebrator will surely find one that perfectly represents herself or the soon to be adult. Kiddie Party Celebrate kid’s birthday with fun and excitement at Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort.
Whether it’s a 7th birthday or 70th birthday, it can be celebrated in the hotel and resort. From elegant and classic party in the 2 grand ballrooms to garden parties to swimming pool party. Baptismal Baptisms and christenings are joyous occasions that people want to celebrate with family and friends. Make it more special with hosting the party in Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort. Christmas Party The Christmas season brings many reasons to celebrate and gather. Whether be it a family affair or a Traditional Corporate Christmas party, let Tanza Oasis indulge it with the venue, ambiance with sumptuous foods and beverages and cheerful staffs.
All Occasions From birthdays, graduation, despedida party, to whatever reason for the celebration, celebrate it in the 2 grand ballroom, garden venue and beach venue at Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort. IV. MANAGEMENT AND STAFF AWARENESS Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort is composed of seven major departments. These departments are Sales, Front Office, Food and Beverage, Finance, Housekeeping, Human Resource and Security Department. These departments are manned by managers or supervisors. The amount of the staffs engaged in Hotel and Resort largely depends on the season and status of the business.
The core staffs compose of 70 personnel. During Peak season, they add staffs to be able to provide good services to the guests, total staffs became 150. The company also accepts On the- Job- Training(s) from Colleges and Universities, 10- to 20 OJTs per batch. These staffs were chosen based on their qualities and abilities. They were given Orientation Program before being employed in the company. The orientation program aims to introduce the employees to their jobs, co- workers, and the organization as well as the company policies, rules and regulations.
Other seminars, trainings and workshop were conducted for the improvement of service of the hotel and resort employees. Customer Relation Management is one of the seminar provided for the employees, it aims to give knowledge on how to deal with guests and provide good customer service. Next, the Food Safety and Sanitation Program, this seminar was given to the employees under the Food and Beverage Department, it aims to teach them the proper way of handling the foods, preparation and storage.
Then, the there are also workshop about personality development, where in employees were given information on how they are going to groom their selves to be more presentable and appealing in the eye of guests and visitors. The company considered the guests comfort and safety as their highest priority, they also provide seminar for the security personnel to ensure that they are thoroughly trained especially in times of emergency. They provide key environmental indicators in order to raise environmental awareness among their associates, guests and communities.
Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort ensures that all the staffs are fully aware of the sustainability policy. They encourage them to adopt sustainable management practices. These are all made possible by means of conducting regular meeting between employees and management. The Organizational Chart General Manager- Mr. Alexander Ngo * A general manager is responsible for a large number of tasks. He will be required to prepare a yearly budget and submit it to the hotel owner, corporate office or possibly a district manager. All employee terminations and new hires will be his responsibility.
Hotel room rates fluctuate consistently, and as the general manger of the hotel, it will be his responsibility to decide the best rate for any given day, night, weekend or special event. He will also have the authority to set hotel service standards as well as choose extra services or amenities to make the hotel more appealing to travelers. Assistant General Manager- Mr. Ernie Belen * An assistant manager helps organize and guide a company’s employees. Assistant manager work in a variety of industries, from marketing to sales to food service to hospitality.
His duties range widely as well, an assistant manager may hire, train and schedule employees, as well as handle employee performance reviews. Mostly, he assists the direct supervisor in incorporating a company’s guidelines and mission. Hotel Manager- Ms. Aura Francisco * She is responsible for the day-to-day management of a hotel and its staff. She has commercial accountability for budgeting and financial management, planning, organizing and directing all hotel services, including front-of-house (reception, concierge, reservations), food and beverage operations, and housekeeping.
The Departments and Sub-Department A. Sales Manager – Ms. Susan Co A hotel sales coordinator, under the direction of the sales manager, comes up with new productivity ideas and hotel incentives to draw guests to the hotel. She works alongside sales associates, and mingles with the marketing, advertising and public relations teams to tap into new sales pitch ideas such as a complimentary weekend breakfast services or couples massage specials to entice prospective executives looking for event locations or vacationers looking for a place to relax. A. 1. Assistant Sales Manager – Mr.
Larry Franco An assistant sales manager helps oversee a sales force. Assistant sales managers work in nearly every industry, from retail sales to wholesale and manufacturing to automotive to electronics. They report to the sales manager and are in charge of the staff when she is not working. Assistant sales managers might handle tasks such as scheduling employees, assigning territories or developing sales pitches. A. 2. Sales Representative Cavite Area- Ms. Leah Dator Manila Area- Ms. Reah Llono Sales representative’s main duty is to interest buyers in their company’s products.
In addition, they answer any questions that potential clients may have. B. Front Office- Ms. Anna Luisa Magbanua In the hotel industry, the front office welcomes guests to the accommodation section: meeting and greeting them, taking and organizing reservations, allocating check in and out of rooms, organizing porter service, issuing keys and other security arrangements, passing on messages to customers and settling the accounts. Responsible for organizing, planning, directing and controlling of the Front Office Reception / Cashiers, Reservations, Concierge and Switchboard B. 1. Guest Services Officer They are responsible for the daily operations of the Front Office which includes attending to guests’ requests and enquiries; liaising with prospects to view the rooms. In addition, they are involved in the issuance of apartment keys and maintaining updated registration of residents. B. 2. Concierge * He is a hotel staff member who handles luggage and mail, makes reservations. B. 3. On-the-job Trainees * Tasks learned on-the-job. On-the-job training may be obtained through day-to-day experience or through instruction from a senior-level employee. C. Restaurant Manager- Mr. Marcos Seguiran
Food and beverage manager oversees the operation and ensure the quality of food is consistent throughout the restaurants. Duties include making the employee schedule or daily operations. An accountant can handle financial affairs, including ordering and paying vendors, payroll and taxes. C. 1. Head Waiter- Mr. Orlando Hadlocon * He supervises activities of workers in a section of dining room. Also sometimes receives guests and conducts them to tables. Describes or suggests food courses and appropriate wines. C. 2. Regular Waiters C. 2. a. On-Calls C. 2. b. On-the-job Trainees C. 3. Chief Cook (Domingo Amantiad) He is the person in charge of cooking the food. He normally has more in-depth duties as a fine restaurant contains many courses requiring additional kitchen help, such as pastry or sous chefs. He also has kitchen staff to cut vegetables and prepare or package the meals in addition to dishwashers and bus boys to pick up dirty dishes and clean them. C. 3. Cooks * The cook will help break down the bar and clean up the work area before the shift for the day is over. C. 4. Kitchen Helpers * A kitchen helper has the primary responsibility of keeping the kitchen at a restaurant or other food service operation clean and orderly.
He usually has many other duties as well, depending on the type of establishment in which he works. In addition to his cleaning duties, he might assist in the dining area or help the cook with food preparation. C. 5. Dishwashers * The dishwashing job is physical labor. Dishwashers are the serfs of the restaurant world. But most experienced chefs and managers agree that they’re among the most important people in the building. The most amazing food in the world will do you no good if you don’t have a clean plate to put it on or a clean fork to eat it with. C. 6. Employees Canteen This section prepares the meal of the hotel and resort employees.
D. Finance Department It is the department responsible on how investors allocate their assets over time under conditions of certainty and uncertainty. A key point in finance, which affects decisions, is the time value of money, which states that a unit of currency today is worth more than the same unit of currency tomorrow. Finance aims to price assets based on their risk level, and expected rate of return. Purchasing Manager (Mary Ann Cabajes) Is an employee within a company, business or other organization who is responsible at some level for buying or approving the acquisition of goods and services needed by the company.
The position responsibilities may be the same as that of a buyer or purchasing agent, or may include wider supervisory or managerial responsibilities. A Purchasing Manager may oversee the acquisition of materials needed for production, general supplies for offices and facilities, equipment, or construction contracts. D. 1. Finance Officer (Rose San Jose) A finance Officer is the one who help the finance manager. She prepares financial reports, oversee investments and help with cash management. E. Housekeeping Department- Mr. Inigo Nebridad
This department is responsible for the cleanliness and order on the hotel and resort. E. 1. Officer-In-Charge (Josephine De Vera) General care, cleanliness, orderliness, and maintenance of business or property. Good housekeeping is an important consideration in underwriting of fire hazard and other forms of insurance, as well as in certification by fire, health, and industrial safety agencies. E. 2. Housekeeping Staff Housekeepers are responsible for the cleanliness of all rooms in such a way that a guest would not realize someone had just checked out of the room earlier that same morning.
You will also strip every linen off each bed and make each bed according to the hotel standards. The guest rooms are meticulously cleaned and sanitized before a guest arrives. E. 3. Laundry and Linen- Ms. Maribel Pacis It require the housekeepers do the laundry, which will require you to wash, dry and fold all linens, including sheets, pillowcases, comforters and blankets. As a laundry person, you would be required to also remove stains that may be in any linen, when possible. E. 4. Maintenance Supervisor- Mr. Romeo Enraca
A hotel maintenance person will ensure that just about everything in the hotel is in proper working order. Daily tasks may include changing light bulbs, removing waste and painting. Other tasks will be assigned as needed, including fixing or replacing toilets, piping, room appliances and vacuums. Many hotels have an indoor pool, and you must ensure that the water pumps and chemical pumps are working correctly. Also, you will need to be familiar with heating and air conditioning units, electrical wiring and plumbing, and how to troubleshoot, fix or replace these items. E. 4. a.
Electrician -is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure. E. 4. b. Plumber/ Painter – E. 4. c. Pool Attendant Head – A pool attendant could be one who attends to the maintenance needs of the pool – cleaning, checking chemical levels, etc. However, in some areas, these duties are also taken care of by lifeguards. E. 4. d. Pool Attendant A pool attendant could also be an individual who takes care of the needs of he people around the pool, such as at a resort or country club. This person serves more or less as a waiter. E. 4. e. Beach Attendant Monitor recreational areas, such as pools, beaches to provide assistance and protection to participants. E. 4. f. Upholstery E. 4. g. Gardeners – their duties include things like watering plants, cutting plants, and trimming grass. F. Human Resources- Ms. Jarikah Hernandez Human resource department is devoted to providing effective policies, procedures, and people-friendly guidelines and support within companies.
Additionally, the human resource function serves to make sure that the company mission, vision, values or guiding principles, the company metrics, and the factors that keep the company guided toward success are optimized. G. Security It is the department within the hotel that is responsible for the safety and security of the hotel. Thing that this department might do include preventing employee theft, keeping trespassers out of the hotel, preventing thefts in the parking lots, and investigating thefts and other security incidents. V. HOTEL AND RESORT ANALYSIS Area| Strength| Weakness| Opportunity| Threat|
Rates| The rates in Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort are very affordable. | They have fee for the use of the beach. | They offer membership in the hotel and resort to avail discounted rates and freebies. | Rates for swimming and beach are seasonal. It can increase depending on the season| Transportation and travel| It can be easily reached by land, it will only takes less than an hour from Metro Manila. | If going there without a family car, it is inconvenient since you will be required to transfer to different vehicles. | They provide shuttle service for easier access. Since it is far from the city guests need to pass different Barrios when going to the destination. Some busy Barrios could be the cause of traffic. | Communica- tion| The hotel and resort offers local and international services necessary for communication that the guests expect and deserve; telephones, cellular phones, Internet, cable, and television. | Rates of calls are more expensive when calling to Manila, other provinces and International destinations. They don’t sell prepaid loads for mobile services. | Since technology is booming, internet connection is faster as well as the signal for mobile connection. Guests may not need telephone services inside the hotel rooms when the hotel is equipped with Control4. | Rooms| The good structure of rooms with complete facilities provides comfort and relaxation to guests. | The rooms are not recommended for people with disability since it is less spacious. | Through the latest trends and innovations management can add modern amenities in guests rooms like room motion sensor or Control4 and touch screen telephone. | Guests have different preferences of appreciating a room. | Staffs| They are very welcoming, approachable and friendly.
They are trained by the company to be able to provide high class of service to the guests. | They are considered as weakness because they are young in experiences. | This provides job for the people in the community. | They might look for other job because they want to have better career, salary and job experiences. | Building| It is modernly designed with innovative facilities and system and classically elegant. | They fail to add elevator as one of the facilities in the hotel. This also becomes burden for staffs in transferring the guest’s luggage into their room. They are open for renovations to follow what is trendy in the industry. | According to DRRM the building may be affected by natural calamities since the establishment is located in flood prone, storm spurge prone and tsunami prone area. | Location| Situated in a town of Tanza, Cavite where you are brought closer to nature. | The location if far from other commercial establishments and city. | The resort can offer more activities since it has an access to the sea for aqua sports. | It is in a residential area. Guests need to pass a number of residences before entering the hotel and resort premise. Cleanliness| The facilities and surroundings are maintained clean and dirt-free by the hotel and resort’s maintenance staff. | The window pane makes the guestrooms less attractive because of the permanent watermarks. | The residents must clean the surroundings and develop proper garbage disposal so that the Barrio would be more appealing to the visitors. | Garbage from other end of the sea brought by the waves adds dirt to the shore and makes it less appealing. | Social Networking| Their website provides important information about the rates and facilities of the hotel and resort to the guests. Some are not familiar with the website of Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort. | It is now use for the promotion and publicity of the business. | People are given more choices of hotel and resort to visit because information is widely spread through internet. | Competition| The management assures that the company has competitive facilities and rates. | The business is still young therefore they still need improvements of the service, facilities and staffs to be able to compete with bigger resort and hotels. | Their major competitors give them reasons to enhance more their services to exceed guest’s satisfaction. Other hotel and resort in Cavite might be offering same services or much better services for cheaper rates. | Natural environment| Their location offers nice view of the sea, far from noisy surroundings, and natural sheds from the trees. | Sometimes the seashore has more garbage, brought by the waves. | Having the sea as part of the resort gives them an opportunity to offer more aqua sports like banana boat ride, boating, parasailing and others. | Other guests may not be interested in the sea since it is not that clean and clear. Security| They employed inside security personnel and Tanod for the outside. | They don’t have any security gadgets. Example: Metal detector and luggage scanner| Local government,Barangay, is helping to maintain the peace and order in the community. | Anyone can enter the hotel without getting the attention of the hotel personnel. Guest may feel that | VI. RECOMMENDATION Absolute thing that cannot be denied is the aesthetic of Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort in terms of structure, facilities, and the comfort it gives to the guests during their visit and stay.
More than anything else it is one of the best hotel and resort you can find in the vicinity of Cavite. Since the hotel and resort starts for almost a year, Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort is not that establish as others did. Several things we noticed in their establishment and management need much more improvement. Social Networking Social networks will be very helpful for the company as a publicity and promotional media. There, they can publicize their rates and promotions. Well defined key work for the name of the establishment will also be helpful for the guest to easily remember it.
Transportation and Travel The hotel and resort must provide a well define map for the guest to know the different routes that they can take when going to the resort. Staffs Inexperienced staffs count on weaknesses of the hotel and resort. Staffs that are inadequate in performing their duties and responsibilities might decrease the quality of service of the hotel. The action to be taken for further improvement is to hire knowledgeable, trained, and skilled employees for the quality and good results and to give more training. Superstructure
Despite of the beauty and luxury of modern establishment that can be easily seen, there are still things that must be improved. We noticed that the hotel lacks of an elevator which more needed particularly for disabled person as well as for the convenience of the employees in assisting guest’s luggage. The construction of elevator will be a big help for the business. Furthermore, this will benefit the hotel and resort not just in sustaining their goals but also to exceed the expectations of the guests. Security of Guests and Establishments
Basically, the primary goal of the hotel and resort is to sell rooms, to provide fun and enjoyment, and to gain more profit. Excursionists and tourists who visit the hotel and resort must be given 24/7 security and safety while staying in the resort premises. To provide the 24/7 security and safety it is advisable to give more attention to the people who come in and out of the establishment. This way the visitors will be worry free while staying in the place. As a conclusion, we recommend to the hotel and resort the need for further management empowerment and innovative facilities to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.
VII. REFERENCES AURA FERMO-FRANCISCO Hotel Manager – Tanza Oasis Hotel & Resort Cavite Sales Office – (046) 6862548 Manila Sales Office – (02) 7080704 / 5243876 Mobile Number – 0905. 276. 4010 [email protected] com / [email protected] com www. tanzaoasis. com Burnett, T. (2011, January 10). International Resort Trends Have Relevance for European Developers. Retrieved August 25, 2012, from http://www. dmproperties. com/78-international-resort-trends-have-relevance-european-developers. html Gupta, R. (n. d. ). WOW Hotels & Resorts – Tomorrow Comes Today.
Retrieved September 3, 2012, from http://hotel-management. bestmanagementarticles. com/a-44740-wow-hotels-amp-resorts–tomorrow-comes-today. aspx Hotel and Resort Insider. (2011). The upcoming travel trends of 2012. Retrieved September 8, 2012, from http://www. hotelresortinsider. com/news_story. php? news_id=135052&cat_id=8 VIII. ATTACHMENTS These photos were taken after the interview with the Hotel Manager, Ms. Aura Fermo Francisco. The day and night view of Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort Facade. The hotel lobby Our photo at the Front Desk with the front desk agent and bellboys
Our photo at Sagobe restaurant with the waiters and the Menu The Bar beside the pool and the cocktail menu Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort’s Safari themed swimming pool The Beach Area: Swimming guidelines, Cottages, Sink, Grilling area The Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s shower room Volleyball Area Basketball Court Hotel and Resort Clinic The Laundry Area The Sundry/ Souvenir Shop This is the Videoke and Billiard Hall Maintenance Area Function Room Linen Room These photos were taken last August 30, 2012 at Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort. EZEKIEL BRUSAS. REAGIME RUFINO. DAILENE MAE SANCHEZ. PRINCESS PALLASIGUE 2012

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