Tadahiro Uesugi

Is an Illustrator and an animator, who works In Japan. He creates intuitive drawings of landscapes, characters, and scenery, using innovative colors and textures. He was born in 1966. HE graduated Setup Mode Seminar of Nagasaki Setup, a school focusing on fashion Illustration. After graduating, he worked as an assistant for Magna artist Juror Attaining for 7 years. He now is a freelance Illustrator, illustrating for magazine, advertisements, book covers, movie posters, and concept art and CD Jackets. He appreciates France, and French artists such as Immobile.
As part of his works, he contributed to French Ell, and designed a one-sheet poster for Japanese theatrical release of the French feature film “Beautiful Dorchester”. He recently won an Annie Award for his work as a concept artist, and a production designer on the stop motion Feature Film “Coralline”. Not a lot about Glues Is shared to public, but he has been sharing his techniques and step-by-step processes of creating his work on Japanese magazines. It Is not rare that people do not notice that he Is work are computer graphic art. He sees Photos, and his custom brush tool to create his work.
Firstly, he draws everything in grayscale with his graphics tablet. Then he changes the image into color by changing each different tones of grey Into a color. When that Is done. He adds texture to the image by overlaying the texture image onto the artwork. He explained In the Interview he did for a magazine, that he Is trying to make his pieces close to reality yet not too realistic and keep some bits abstract. He also talked that at the earlier stage of his career, he was trying to fit the target audience of the magazine and was trying to create a piece that fitted the purpose rather than freely expressing himself.

Recently however, the types of Job that he gets got wider In range, so he has much more freedom to work with. “Before I mainly drew people, but it slowly changed to putting people in sceneries and I started to notice that the people started to become smaller and smaller. On top of that, when I started to become more conscious of the “light”, the contrast of the screen grew stronger. In a whole the tone became darker. (Jokingly) If I think about it, his might be a bad tendency for Illustrating. His illustrations are very strange in a way that they look like paintings. In addition to toy 2 and most significantly natural. Only few of his pieces use very vibrant colors, so the illustrations give this monochromatic look, but there are still many different colors present. As he studied fashion illustration in the university, his main models are women. So many of the women in the illustrations are seen with high heels, pretty eyelashes and very skinny body. Although he creates so many illustrations, many of his actual artworks are untitled.

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Tadahiro Uesugi
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