System Architecture2

takeholder Requirements 
What are the requirements of the application? 
Will various modules be developed? 
What are the dependencies? 
Will system be required to interact with external system resources? For example, databases.  
What guidelines must be followed to ensure that system requirements are met? 
Discuss Cost and Quality 
Based on system design requirements how will cost be affected? 
Does the features set based on the design requirement require multiple modules 
Business Process 
How will the design streamline business process? 
Are there redundant processes? 
How will streamlining processes affect cost? 
Are there design considerations for future upgrade? 

System Architecture Aligned with System Requirements

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System Architecture2
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System Architecture is a very important aspect of the system life cycle. Based on results from your group discussion and other information gathering, complete a document showing the Architectural Design of the application to be developed. 
Some key factors to include:
How the system will streamline the business process. 
Stakeholders’ requirements. 
Cost, features, and quality. 
APA references and intext citations attachment is project up to date

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