Swot Analysis on My Preparation for Phd in Managment

Management Leadership and Organizational Change Introduction In general, SOOT Analysis is applied to strategic planning for a firm of some kind. In order to successfully earn my PhD in Walden University, I should have a strategic Soot Analysis on My Preparation for Phd in Management By Salami opportunities for achieving my goals and threats to achieving my goals. The SOOT Analysis will help me determine how best to plan my Walden studies. Analyze your academic strengths and weaknesses.
Strengths My personal characteristics are; self-discipline; ability to work under pressure, throng work ethics, creative, innovative and optimistic. I had Bachelor of Science Hon… In Computer Science and Statistics at University of Ghana, Logon in 1988 and Masters Information Communication Technology at Labor University, Denmark in 2010. As my degrees are in Computers, Information and Technology; I am good at working with CIT gadgets. I studied Management Information Systems, so I its principles a lot in doing my managerial work as an CIT Manager.
I have been working in the IT/CIT environment for the past twenty five years. I am in network with professional organizations e. Rotary and have good contacts with MAFIA workers. Being CIT Manager for than twenty years I may say I have some leadership skills, good communicator, team player and good at transferring skills. I have A tablet with WebMD, laptop with WebMD and a desktop with WebMD; all connected to the internet. Walden Library, Walden Writing Center, Walden Student Readiness Orientation downloads for revisiting. Walden Alumni, Live chat, Message board. I had a personal loan from my bank.

My family is in full support of my pursuit for PhD in Management. Weaknesses My writing skills in regards of PAP style or format need improvement. I lack American standards of doing things. Not too fast at assimilating things. I have Low GAP. I am the shy type and emotional. I struggle a little bit with some statistical formulas and concepts. Opportunities The enormous managerial skills I am getting in PhD in management will enable me satisfy my passion and motivations as a person and professional work. I know that passion, theory, topic or an issue motivates my curiosity in choosing and developing my research topic.
In my country, Government has seen the usefulness of integrating Sits in Agriculture activities to enhance and boost production. The Principles of Management Information Systems I have been using in my profession as CIT Manager will be integrated into new ideas I will acquire in the doctoral program. We are deploying Wide Area Networks in my ministry with Microsoft products and this calls for managerial, leadership, strategic thinking, critical thinking and time management skills. I have to see to it that the ministry’s websites is regularly updated which calls for session or planning, monitoring and implementation among others. Acquired skills from Walden University. As a Rotarian, I will gain more insight of socializing and networking which will positively impact on my community. Excellent resources of Walden University e. G. Walden portal, Library with scholarly materials, Student Success, Faculty members; Masters in CIT degree online skills are helping me to sail through the PhD program with a little difficulty. This was manifested in a statement by Richardson (2006) that “substantive knowledge of the field”(p. 261) I possess will enable me build upon my previous experience and even learn more Threats My loan will not cover the duration of my PhD program.
My reputation will be tarnished if I am not able to complete my doctoral program. The slow adaptation of PAP style may affect the strength of my grades. The needed writing skills including the discovery of my “scholarly voice”. (Walden, 2013). I am at risk of “Plagiarism”. (Walden, 2013) when I fail to adequately cite the original source material from which I take words and ideas. I fall ill and cannot submit assignments on time which affect my grades. Residencies will take me away from my family Write the descriptions in complete sentences. Improving Strengths: The strengths I have stem from the experiences of my past educational pursuits.
I will build on the online methods of teaching to further my education. My exposure and usage of the scholarly resources of Walden University will further strengthen my skills. Solicitation through residencies and being an Alumni improves my networking with scholarly people all over the world which will make me fill I belong to a community. I take my doctoral studies seriously and avail myself to new teaching and managing methods embedded in the PhD program. I will uphold the mission and vision statements of Walden university to become a scholar- practitioner; and be a beneficiary of the learning outcomes of Walden programs.
Addressing Weakness: My weaknesses are the adaptation of PAP style or format erectly which requires of me continuous reading and practice. I must avoid plagiarism by following the rules American Psychological Association has set forth. The formatting and frequency guidelines to cite all sources used in a paper helps to give credit to sources authors are quoting and paraphrasing; tells the reader when authors are using sources to support ideas; and directs the reader to the reference list and the full publication information for sources cited(Walden, 2013).
Statistical skills are necessary for research purposes and I will constantly revised my notes very ell and have more tuition. The three-week activities with Walden University has made me to quickly find solutions to my weaknesses which are surmountable. Maximizing Opportunities: I have realized that my current experiences will be greatly enhanced by skills I am acquiring in my PhD in Management with traits of managerial, leadership and organizational change skills. Deployment of Wide Area updated, more MAFIA staff will be efficiently and effectively trained in ‘CT.
I will be classified as scholar-practitioner in the world one day and impact positively on society. I will become a proud Walden Alumni member upholding the mission and vision of Walden University. Shania’s Millennium Development Goals will be met and appropriately declared a “Middle Income country’ where standard of living will be improved. Agricultural stakeholders will be satisfied with the enabling environment that will be created in the country to achieve their aims and objectives.
Mitigating Threats: The threats I have identified are risks and cannot be eradicated completely but only minimized. In case of finance, I have identified other sources that I can source for assistance. Falling ill can be managed by paying attention to my eating habit and taking appropriate medication: I will manage all odds to finish the course so that my reputation will be tarnished if I am not able to complete my doctoral program. The slow adaptation of PAP style may affect the strength of my grades, therefore I will do frequent assignments with it to enable me become use to it.
The needed writing skills including the discovery of my “scholarly voice”. (Walden, 2013) will be tackled with the assistance of my instructor, faculty members, peers etc,. I will cite my sources accurately and go by the guidelines given so I will not be at risk of “Plagiarism”. Walden, 2013) when I fail to adequately cite the original source material from which I take words and ideas; My family is willing that I become successful in this course so my Residencies days will not be felt.
References Richardson, V. (2006). Stewards of a field of an enterprise: The doctorate in education in C. M. Gold & G. E. Walker (Des), Envisioning the future of doctoral education: Preparing stewards of the discipline (up. 251-267). Stanford, CA: The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Walden University, (2013) Scholarly voice. Retrieved from http:// Herrington. Walden. Du/1082. HTML

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Swot Analysis on My Preparation for Phd in Managment
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