Summary of Project Feasibility

Summary of Project Feasibility Assessing the feasibility of Expanding Services (Revenue Increase), Frequent Shopper Program (Revenue Increase), and Increasing Efficiency enhancements are important for Kudler Fine Foods that will determine the success for the project. A “feasibility study focuses on helping answer the essential question of should we proceed with the proposed project idea? ” (Hofstrand & Holz – Clause, 2009).
Operational, technical, and economic feasibilities are what specify the project feasibility analysis. Operationally, the Expanding Services will increase the loyalty and profitability of consumers by providing contest, and cooking classes. This program should integrate into the existing workflow without possessing to make any type of tremendous problems to the operations. The extra advertising should help Kudler Fine Foods revenue to increase by drawing in more consumers.
The Frequent Shopper Program would only require little user training therefore, no major issues of computer illiteracy should occur. Frequent Shopper Program will provide high value incentives through a partnership with loyalty points program (Virtual Organization, Kudler Fine Foods, Sales and Marketing). This will enhance the attitudes at the point of sales. Kutler Fine Foods already use a POS server that would be a staging ground for the Frequent Shopper database.

Kudler’s operations are to increase efficiency by benchmarking Nordstrom department stores. Employee training programs and integration of new software system will facilitate the effort. Increasing efficiency has developed supplier relations program and has solicited the help of marketing to help roll out the program. The various types of proposed requirements that should be taken into consideration are the hardware and software. Hardware relates to the development of the system and software is for the information database and tracking.
TPS/Transaction processing system will capture and record information about the transactions that take place at Kudler’s. MIS/Management information systems will produce reports that management needs for planning. Executive information systems will provide the executives information that will be used for monitoring the competitive environment. Centralize management system hardware, front end web server, loyalty card and store server hardware will help assist the “Frequent Shopper Program. Economic feasibility is the cost/benefit analysis or CBA. CBA helps to give the project team/management in determining whether or not the proposed program is beneficial to the organization. Because the programs are not going to cause a dramatic increase in cost the company will benefit and be very successful. Reference Hofstrand, d. & Holz – Clause, M. (2009,). What is Feasibility Study? Retrieved April, 2010, from extension. iastate. edu

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Summary of Project Feasibility
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