statistic homework

Submit a Word document that answers the following questions.
Include Minitab output at the end.
This problem set is a shortened version of  Case Study 15.1.  Read this case to get a description of the dataset:

Use a significance of 5%, and corresponding confidence to answer these questions.

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statistic homework
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Make scatter plots for salary against PC, salary against TD and salary against age.

Provide a one sentence interpretation of each of these plots.
For the remaining questions presume that all needed conditions for regression hold.
You may still need to do interpolation/extrapolation checks

Are the variables PC, TD and age jointly significant in explaining salary received?

State hypotheses, test name, and report key numbers from output, plus your conclusion and answer to the question

You have been asked to predict players salaries given age, PC and TD. Is there any evidence that a player’s age significantly alters the salary received? Take into account PC and TD when you answer this question.

State hypotheses, test name, and report key numbers from output (including any relevant coefficients), plus your conclusion and answer to the question

What proportion of variability in predicted salary can the model you estimated explain?

State name of item from regression output, plus number

What is a plausible range of numbers for the impact of a one unit increase in the number of touchdowns scored (TD) on salary received, controlling for PC and age?

State name of estimate produced, and report numbers plus an interpretation.

You have been asked to provide a predicted salary for one player with the following characteristics.

For each player explain whether you feel comfortable making a prediction and why.  
Only if you are comfortable making a prediction.  Name the estimate produced, and provide an interpretation.
a. Player A: PC 65%, TD 21, Age 27 years
b. Player B: PC 40%, TD 7, Age 32 years

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