Clients are urged to ensure that all the details contained within this proposal meet their requirements before further work commences. If the nature and scope of the project changes the costs and timings need to be revised. Once this document has been approved, the project will progress into the next stages. This may include further documentation detailing requirements and functionality or it may go straight into design. This will depend on the nature of the project. Overview The Brief What Network Solutions is going to be doing is setting up the wired and wireless outwork for Retail/Wholesale Sales at their location in Atlanta Georgia.
Objectives and Business Requirements So our main objectives will be setting up all the cat 6 and fiber optic cabling, the server room, the Wi-If access points, the computers, printers and phones. Target Audience This statement is intended for the fallowing parties; the company owners, management and facilitator. Project So what we (Network Solutions) plan on doing are as fallows. We will be setting up a server room in the basement as the central location. We will be using lockable beanies for the security of the servers.
We are going to run a backbone to all the floors, then we will be running Cat 6 cable for each drop aka; computer, printer, access points and extra runs for a ten percent growth. We will be terminating all cables, testing all cables, setting up all workstations, printers and access points. [Insert the estimate here. ] Items Features/Functionality Lockable cabinets To protect the servers Access points For using Wi-If Routers To connect to the WAN Cabling The network the devices Servers To run the network Workstations/mobile workstations

To provide a place to work Wall plates For ease of access Switches To connect multiple Lana Terminators Ease of access 110 blocks To connect multiple workstations Phones For communication Outline Requirements Promotion and Communication We will be using Continuum for system back up and Webfoot for end point solutions. We Network Solutions will be in charge of system backups and network issues. The data will be coming from Verizon and dish, and monitored by Continuum.
Its web base client will have an agent installed on each server and local machine enabling he support solution company with data for the backup set, internet speeds, virus definitions and more hardware notifications. Look and Feel Neat and professional. Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) The Continuum’s TATTOO system is a snap shot to a virtual ready cloud so it will be an easy recovery system. Roles and Responsibilities Network Solutions will be taking care of all the install and set up. Assumptions, Exclusions Point of sale is to be provided by another vender and will not be provided by Network Solutions.

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