St Dismass

St Dismas With St. Dismas facing a decline in their patient services, the Board of Directors knew their present strategy was not facilitating the needs of their community. Coming up with new initiatives, such as being more cost-effective in the delivery of inpatient care and developing new programs and services are strategies that will help them continue to capitalize on their more than qualified rehabilitative staff and their own reputation of excellence. With this in mind, CEO Dr. Splient Splient came up with a plan to meet the Board’s new strategic initiatives of attaching an assisted living facility to St.
Dismas’ Campus. The deliverable would be a 100-unit for-profit subsidiary of St. Dumas that would house 110 to 150 light and heavily assisted residents. This would distinguish them from other assisted care facilities as it would be the only one to offer the highly competent therapeutic programs that the hospital now offers. Upon the approval of Dr. Splient’s plan, the Board also stipulated that he would have to wait to begin construction until after November of 1999 because two of the present Board Members will be running for city council and county commissioner seats.
Another constraint established by the Board is for the facility to be open by July of 2000. Other constraints will be in laws and regulations pertaining to building the structure for its population, meeting budgeting requirements, personnel requirements, etc. Also to be kept in mind are that the financial plans that Dr. Splient and his team came up with are estimates based on present information, projections, and the assumption that St. Dismas will be received by its target market. For, even though it is not a hospital, they might feel like they are in one because of the location.

Therefore, it is also assumed that St. Dismas will meet the occupancy levels necessary for it to be profitable and yield a return on the investment. Now that Dr. Splient has the Board’s approval to go ahead with the planning of the project for construction of the new medical facility, he must now meet with his executive team to present them the project mission and the scope. Once he and the executive team are confident that they are ready to launch the project plan, build, and open the assisted living facility, it is now time for him to put together his project team.
This team will be called the ALF Project Steering Committee and consisted of the Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Rehab Services Medical Director, Construction Project Manager, Chief Operations Officer, Director of Information Services, Director of Support Services, and two members of the Board of Trustees (one with construction experience and then another a probable electee to the city council). The team held their first meeting at which Dr.
Splient will present his vision for the facility, lead discussion of all major steps that must be included in the project plan, and ask all members to identify which areas they would accept responsibility for. Once all members realize their roles, he will give his team two months to come back with their detailed action plans for their area of responsibility. Below is a Preliminary Level 1 Work Breakdown Structure for the project that Dr. Splient will construct as a visual aid for the team.
Once they return with their detailed plans, the team can add to the Work Breakdown Structure and then carry out the project of constructing the new assisted living facility. It is our belief that Dr. Splient would be an excellent choice for project manager. His strengths include planning and organizing teams, as well as delegating tasks. He demonstrated these strengths in many ways. For starters, he compiled a report for the assisted living facility on the St. Dismas campus that included the potential return on investments.
He also identified each cost associated with building this facility. Accomplishing these two tasks showed that it was important to Dr. Splient to be financially aware of how funding was going to be used. Therefore, he pays close attention to detail, which is a key characteristic in a project manager. Dr. Splient used his organizing skills to form a business development team. By creating this team, Dr. Splient was able to scout out a design that would make the assisted living facility one of the best. This eam also created a business plan to ensure that those working on the project would know the estimated amounts of income, capital expenditure, and revenues. Aside from the team designed for business development, he also created a team to present the project mission, and scope to the company. By creating these two teams he showed his willingness to make all parties associated with the project cognizant of all components. Exemplifying proper communication skills, Dr. Splient shows the effectiveness needed to be a potential project manager.
He distributed the responsibilities of the project to members of each team equally. By doing this he showed his willingness to cooperate with others instead of taking on the entire project himself. This adds to the list of strengths for Dr. Splient as a project manager, because he was able to understand that he could not do everything involved in the project by himself, and had to except these limitations. Lastly, Dr. Splient exhibited the characteristic of leadership by giving each team two months to come back with a detailed action plan. Using deadlines, he establishes authority within the project.
However, he does this without abusing his power. By doing this it establishes Dr. Splient as a leader instead of a tyrant. This characteristic is essential in being a successful project manager. In closing, this project requires the cooperation of all parties and factors involved. A good project manager needs to have both interpersonal and business skills to carry out the project successfully. Dr. Splient’s organized, assertive, and detail oriented nature in addition to his leadership qualities, financial management, and task balancing skills, make him a prime candidate for project manager.

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