Sociology Papers

I need two papers written. SOC201 and SOC202.
Portfolio Paper  
Research a social problem (Women’s healthcare). Write a paper that is supported by research that defines why the issue is a social problem. What is the theoretical perspective you would choose that attempts to explain the social issue? Justify why you would choose this perspective. Utilize Scripture to support how your Christian worldview approaches this issue. Does the church as a whole seem to have this approach? Justify your response. 

 Write a paper discussing the concept of a God-shaped vacuum as it relates to the unreal expectation for total need fulfillment in relationships. In other words, many people end relationships due to unfulfilled needs only to find themselves entering into and ending consecutive relationships seeking but never finding total need fulfillment. How does the God-shaped vacuum in each of us explain why people do this and how could allowing God to meet these needs that no human can fulfill or create healthier relationships 

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Sociology Papers
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