Social Problem on Immigration reform or Immigrants

The Social Problem for the page is Immigration reform. Or you can speak on any issues relating to Immigration or Immigrants like How we treat the dreamers/ feel about dreamers, or how we treat minors at the border ,Education, Social Functionally, Poverty, family problems and Employment. You can pick any one to further research and do the assignment . 

In a two- to three-page (double-spaced) Word document, explain why this problem affects you personally. This refers to effects at the micro (personal) level. In addition, explain why this problem affects others at the macro level (the larger community) that you identified in Part 1 of the project. Finish your paper with a summary explaining how this problem has affected you and can affect others personally (micro level) and the ways in which it can affect society as a whole (macro level).
write a paper that recaps and evaluates your personal experience with the chosen social problem. 

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Social Problem on Immigration reform or Immigrants
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The use of personal reflection papers allow students to write in the first person (although not required) and provides a way to express a more intimate relationship with a given topic than traditionally allowed in other types of papers.

It may seem strange to some students to think about one’s personal connection to a social problem. However, we are all directly or indirectly affected by such issues. Self-reflection provides a means for students to identify the primary issues, state opinions, give inferences and predictions, and express feelings, beliefs, and attitudes about a given topic.

When beginning a personal reflection, I often employ a technique called “free writing.” Free writing is meant to stimulate thought and can be thought of as a brainstorming exercise on paper (or the computer). Give yourself a dedicated period of time (e.g., 20 to 30 minutes) in which you write whatever comes into your mind about your approved topic and your connection to it.

Write down everything you feel about the social problem and your connection to it. Do not be afraid to write your true thoughts. No one is going to judge you, and the free writing activity will not be graded, but this can be a powerful tool in beginning a personal reflection paper. Sometimes even individual words or phrases can help stimulate thought that can provide the spark to developing an outline or guide for the eventual reflection paper.


Write and submit a reflective essay about your approved social problem and your personal connection to it that promotes self-awareness and encourages self-assessment The cognitive process of reflecting on one’s authentic knowledge, practice, and beliefs/attitudes is important to the development of objectivity and professionalism.

Length: Two to three double-spaced pages.

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